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The Arduboy is the perfect credit card-size gaming backup for your iPhone

The iPhone is probably the best, most portable gaming device around. Even so, though, sometimes nostalgia kicks in, and you miss your old Gameboy. The Arduboy is a new credit card sized console that is just as portable as an…Read more ›

ChargeCard is a credit card-size cable for when you need a charge [Deals]

The best type of charging cable is the one you have on you. So stay prepared and leave that tangled mess behind with ChargeCard. ChargeCard is your iPhone lightning cable, shaped like a credit card. It’s designed to fit into…Read more ›

Credit card-size iPhone charger packs backup battery

Remember when the coolest brag for a gadget was that it was “credit card size”? Those times are back. The Revi Charger is a credit card-size iPhone charger with a built-in backup battery, and could really be just the thing…Read more ›