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Carrot Weather’s sassy forecasts storm onto Mac

The sassy robot that got its start on iOS has started taking over the Mac too. Carrot Weather launched in the Mac App Store today complete with tons of features and even more snarky comments about the conditions. The self-proclaimed “weather robot with a personality” has plenty to offer. The Carrot Weather app for Mac is pretty […][Read More…]

CARROT Hunger is a smart calorie counter with a mean streak

In their efforts to trigger mass market adoption, most health-tracking apps and tools go out of the way to be nice to you. After all, who wants an app which publicly shames you for gorging on unhealthy food, or choosing…Read more ›

CARROT Fit’s new punishments make for an hilariously cruel fitness app

With both iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 family of devices finally out, developer Brian Mueller has released an upgrade for his excellent CARROT Fit app, adding “a shiny new update to go with your shiny new operating system.” For those…Read more ›

Carrot Fit Is An Hilarious Fitness App To Make Losing Weight Suck A Bit Less

Carrot Fit is the new app-with-attitude from the makers of Carrot To-Do and Carrot Alarm. Welcoming you with a message of “Greetings, tubby human” from “your new fitness overlord”, Carrot Fit is a harsh-but-hilarious taskmaster dedicated to making weight loss…Read more ›    [Read More…]