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This post is brought to you by TeliaSonera International Carrier. If your internet service provider faced a trial, would it be found guilty of sucking? That’s the cheeky question posed by satirical short film Life on Trial, a goofball riff… Read more ›

Rumors about a plus-sized 12.9-inch iPad have been circulating for quite some time, and renowned Apple leaker Sonny Dickson has stirred them up again after posting photos of cases reportedly designed for the device. In doing so, he may have… Read more ›

Up until now we’ve seen Game Boy emulators and accessories created for the iPhone, but this is something else entirely: a Nintendo Game Boy-compatible case for the iPhone 6 Plus, which actually runs real Game Boy and Game Boy Color… Read more ›

One of the most difficult decisions you will need to make when choosing an Apple Watch is which case size to go for. But the Apple Store app for iPhone hopes to make the process easier by displaying both the 38mm and… Read more ›

‘The dress’ has its own iPhone case now

There’s no way you haven’t heard of the dress. The viral sensation that swept the world last week will probably go done as the most popular story of 2015, and it’s only March. So naturally it makes sense for you… Read more ›

Want to know if that nasty mole on your shoulder is cancerous? There’s an app for that! Errr… Actually, no. No, there’s not. The Federal Trade Commission announced today that apps like Mole Detective and Mel App that are marketed as… Read more ›

For accessories and software that are designed to work with your Apple product, Cult of Mac Deals is the only place you need to go. Check out hot items like the Revogi Bluetooth LED Bulb, Jump Desktop for Mac, and… Read more ›

You’d think that one patent infringement lawsuit would be enough, but Ryan Seacrest’s iPhone case startup clearly didn’t get the message after its last courtroom tangle with Blackberry. The new Typo Keyboard for the iPhone 6 was supposed to have… Read more ›

The iPhone 6 Plus has a hard time sliding into most pants pockets, but if you’d like to make the iPhone 6 Pinch even more unbearable, Bandai is coming out with a new case that transforms your device into the… Read more ›

Everyone might be tripping over themselves to talk about the possible Apple Car, but there’s a much-more imminent Apple device rumored to be on the way: the 12-inch+ “iPad Pro” tablet. Over the weekend, French Apple-watching website Nowhereelse.fr shared a handful… Read more ›