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Apple Files An Appeal In E-Book Antitrust Case

Apple has filed an appeal related to last year’s verdict stating that the company violated U.S. antitrust laws by conspiring with publishers to fix e-book prices. The appeal — which was filed Tuesday with the Second U.S. Circuit Court of… Read more ›     

The TopoCharger is an odd little device, but it could be useful for some. It’s an iPhone GPS case. What? Yes. A GPS-less GPS that comes with on-board storage for maps, and a big fat battery pack so you can… Read more ›     

If you’re going to stick your beautifully slimline iPhone inside and external battery case, then why not make it a battery case with wireless charging built in? That’s the thinking behind the new Unu Aero case, a slimline (15mm) case… Read more ›     

Why Your Next iPhone Won’t Need a Case

Evidence that Apple is going big with sapphire is overwhelming. But the reasons for Apple’s sapphire obsession range from scratch-resistant screens to solar-charging screens. I have another theory: Apple wants to eliminate both the need and the desire for an… Read more ›     

Miggo Camera Strap Transforms Into A Camera Case

Meet the Miggo, a camera strap that wraps around your camera to make a protective case. If that gets you as excited as it makes me, then keep reading. The Miggo comes in two-sizes, and two versions, and both perform… Read more ›     

I hate thick wallets. I carry mine in my left front pocket most of the time, and I really don’t need something huge and bulky in there to both look dorky and hurt. Wally Wallet iPhone Case by Distil Union… Read more ›     

I’ll admit it. The main reason I’m posting about the beautiful Project Bloom iPhone case is the hedgehog. Specifically Woody, the African Pygmy hedgehog that you see in the photo above. But that’s not to say that the case isn’t… Read more ›     

Chil’s Notchbook iPad Air case has one great feature that sets it apart form other cases. There’s a notch, or rather a slice, cut into the bottom of the front cover just next to the spine, and this notch lets… Read more ›     

Tablet Stealth Pro Keyboard Case by M-Edge Category: Keyboard Case Works With: iPad Air, iPad mini Price: $ 79.99 When should you take your iPad and when should you take your MacBook? If you use your iOS devices for work on… Read more ›     

  We’ve seen more than enough iPhone cases with slots for credit cards, ID or cash. But the Push wallet phone case is the first one we’ve seen with a secret compartment that hides those valuables completely out of sight.… Read more ›