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iPhone case adds e-ink to its backside

We want our iPhone case to look pretty and protect our investment. Beyond that, we ask nothing of it. One technology company wants its case to do a little more, though. OAXIS is launching a case that also serves as a second screen, an e-ink display that gives you time, allows you to receive important […]

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An iPhone brought one of Europe’s busiest airports to a panicked stand yesterday — resulting in considerable delays as one terminal gate was closed for “security reasons.” Why? A passenger supposed to be travelling from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport thought it was a bright idea to do so with his iPhone in a custom case made to look like a […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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The accessories company Catalyst likes to assume the extreme in everybody. It’s marketing wants us to fret not about getting our iPhone or Apple Watch wet or dirty. Catalyst projects the confidence that it has your investment protected. So less than a week after Apple announced a new iPad Pro, Catalyst is announcing the specs […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Spyder case gives your iPhone extra legs

It may be a while before we see those long-lasting hydrogen-powered batteries in our iPhones. In the meantime, the options are bulky: pack your charging cord, carry a battery charger or go the power case route. For those who don’t like the thickness or extra heft of power cases, Spyder has just introduced a new […]

While Apple doesn’t recommend submerging the Apple Watch in water, there have been a number of swimmers who say their watches have held up to workouts in the pool. But with the likelihood that Apple wouldn’t honor a warranty for a watch that stopped after a shower, why risk it? Catalyst, whose waterproof cases for […]

Given that your smartphone case is supposed to be there to stop you accidentally damaging the expensive electronic device underneath it, it seems slightly bonkers to spend more on protecting your  iPhone than you do on the iPhone itself. That’s exactly what… Read more ›

Numerous T-Mobile iPhone users are complaining that their handsets are reportedly suffering bizarre outages, causing them to reboot at half-hourly intervals. On social media, users are describing how their Uncarrier iPhones crash every 20 to 30 minutes while they are… Read more ›

Here’s a unique-looking case for your iPhone that promises to do more than just protect your handset from nicks and scratches. The Hibiki case for iPhone 6 says that it will also make your audio sound better. “Since iPhones receive… Read more ›

Putting a case on your Apple Watch might be overkill

Let’s be honest — the Apple Watch is already kind of bulky, and most of us aren’t climbing mountains with them on anyway. The craziest I get is maybe leaving it on while I shower at the gym. For those… Read more ›

This post is brought to you by TeliaSonera International Carrier. If your internet service provider faced a trial, would it be found guilty of sucking? That’s the cheeky question posed by satirical short film Life on Trial, a goofball riff… Read more ›