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Previously unseen emails and a videotaped deposition of Steve Jobs is set to play a key part in a long-running class action antitrust lawsuit against Apple, which goes to trial this week. First filed back in 2005, the lawsuit argues that Apple… Read more ›

Anyone who travels a lot internationally has likely been stung by roaming Internet charges at some point in other. While it is possible to buy or rent a local SIM card when you’re abroad, this requires that your iPhone be… Read more ›

Apple wins LTE patent case against WiLan

A U.S. judge has ruled in Apple’s favor in litigation filed against the company by Canadian patent licensing company WiLan, reports Reuters, after the judge issued a public statement on the case Wednesday afternoon. Apple was being sued for supposedly… Read more ›

I’m torn these days between wanting a functional wallet-style case for my iPhone and something a bit more minimalist. I tend to switch cases as I need them because I haven’t found a one-case-fits-all solution that works for me. The… Read more ›

The Straitjacket is my new favorite iPhone case

Loop Attachment is famous for making some of the best silicone cases you can buy for iOS devices, but the company’s latest effort for the iPhone 5/5s is a little different. It looks a lot like Loop’s Mummy lineup and… Read more ›

U.S. District Judge Denise Cote says that it is “most troubling” that Apple could potentially be made to pay just $ 70 million in its antitrust case related to e-book price fixing. Cote was speaking during a teleconference on Thursday regarding… Read more ›

One year after being found guilty of e-book price fixing, Apple has reached a conditional settlement with the U.S. State to pay $ 450 million for its role in the price fixing conspiracy that involved five major publishers. Apple’s settlement could… Read more ›

Would you have sex with this iPad case?

iPads are sexy, but would you have sex with one? Fleshlight sure hopes so. The company behind the gross silicon sleeves that aim to put a simulated vagina in the palm of your hand has just revealed the LaunchPAD, and… Read more ›

SAN FRANCISCO — When they learned they were next in line for a cease-and-desist letter from the City Attorney, three young entrepreneurs made haste to City Hall to salvage their dream of making circling the block for parking a thing… Read more ›

Road-ready iPad case turns backseat into front row

There’s nothing more boring than going on a road trip without entertainment for the ride. While the iPad is good for storing all your favorite movies and television shows, when squeezed into your car there’s no convenient way to hold the… Read more ›