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Switch Word Casing to ALL CAPS & Capitalize Words with QuickType in iOS

The shift and caps lock key in iOS can be toggled at will to either capitalize a word or to type out something in ALL CAPS, but using the new Quick Type keyboard, you can switch casing of existing words really easy. This works really well on the iPhone and iPad, and once you learn … Read More

PEACHii iBooBak Bamboo iPhone Back Casing

Yesterday we took a look at a new company to the ModMyi.com review desk – PEACHii. Their�iBooKam 37mm lens attachment solution for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S�is pretty cool, and I mentioned we have a bunch of products of theirs to look at. Next up is the iBooBak (get it? likebamboo except�iBoo? and bak == back? Naming products is so fun…), a bamboo iPhone back casing replacement.

Conversion kits are nothing new -�we reviewed�one of�iHospital‘s red  [Read More…]

Apple Notebook Uni-body Casing Supplier Shuts Down Plant, Could Affect Macbook Supply

Apple�s supply chain took a hit this weekend as a plant responsible for manufacturing the company�s uni-body laptop housings was shutdown.

Authorities forced Catcher Technology to shut down their factory in Eastern China due to �strange odors� coming from the plant. The plant produces 60% of Apple�s uni-body Macbook Pro and MacBook Air enclosures which could result in a 40% decrease in shipments of the notebooks during November.

Allen Horng, Catcher Technology president, acknowledged that total  [Read More…]

Leaked iPhone 4S Casing Reveals Redesigned Antenna & Home Button

Recent speculation suggests Apple is currently working on a cheaper model of its iPhone 4 that is set to launch alongside the iPhone 5 in the coming months. Expected to be named the iPhone 4S, the new device could feature a redesigned antenna and home button, according to the latest leaked components.

MacRumors has received more components from iPatchiPods;�this time an iPhone 4-like stainless steel frame that sports a redesigned antenna. The  [Read More…]