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Explosions! Intrigue! Casual sex! First SPECTRE TV spot goes full Bond

“You’ve got a secret,” says Naomie Harris’ Miss Moneypenny in the new TV spot for upcoming Bond film SPECTRE. “Something you can’t tell anyone because you don’t trust anyone.” Daniel Craig is back in a new Bond film, this one…Read more ›

Apple’s bold plan to convert casual music fans into streaming subscribers

Imagine clicking iTunes’ “Buy” button to purchase the latest record from Drake or Pharrell Williams, only to get a popup from Apple suggesting you’re behind the times. That’s what might happen as Apple uses its massive consumer base to push…Read more ›

Game devs keep it casual as they jump from console to mobile

Console game developers are trying to break into mobile, and they’re using casual genres to break into the scene. For instance, when gamers hear about Insomniac Games, they might think of classic platform games like Ratchet and Clank, first-person shooters…Read more ›

Casual Games Collide: Angry Birds Slingshot Their Way To Puzzles & Dragons

Finnish developer and all-around success story Rovio Entertainment announced Monday a new cross-over collaboration with Korean-based GungHo Entertainment, the makers of the almost as highly successful match-three mobile game, Puzzles and Dragons. The pissed-off avians will show up in the…Read more ›

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New Kickstarter Game Project, RAW, Says That Casual Gamers Need Hardcore Games, Too

Two-man Detour Games wants to give the casual crowd a hardcore game, with RAW, a game currently in development. It will hopefully get funded as a Kickstarter project, too.

RAW will be a 2D action platformer/runner on rails for Android, OUYA, and desktop computers, and hopefully on iOS as well, if the project meets its stretch goals. In it, a cyborg juggernaut named RAW must keep running to stay charged  [Read More…]

Fieldrunners 2 Receives First Update With Easier Casual Mode, Map Updates, Game Center, And More

You may be able to finally beat Bizarre Bazaar.

Subatomic Studios has released its first update toFieldrunners 2, the popular sequel to the original tower defense game for the iPhone. Version 1.1 ofFieldrunners 2is now available in the App Store, and the update brings an easier Causal mode, new map updates, Game Center integration,Endless mode, and more.

Change log:

Beat those hard levels with an easier Casual mode! Amazing new  [Read More…]