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Apple: Demand For New Mac Pro Is “Great,” Will Take Time For Supply To Catch Demand

The new Mac Pro finally went on sale this morning with initial orders shipping by December 30th. After only a few hours of being on sale, shipping estimates slipped to February for all configurations. Now Apple is saying that it…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Catch Your Significant Other Peeking At Your iPhone Messages [iOS Tips]

To Catch A SneakThink your messages are private? Think again! A Cult of Mac reader, asking to remain anonymous, sent in a tip about how he caught his girlfriend reading Messages on his iPhone. Privacy is important to this fellow, but he suspected that his love was sneaking peeks at his text and iMessages. So he took a […]

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T-Mobile Helps The iPhone Catch Up To Android In The U.S.

iPhone-5-T-MobileAndroid has held a pretty sizable lead over the iPhone for a long time now, and in the United States, it would appear there’s little chance of that changing any time soon. But Apple’s smartphone is gaining ground on its rival, and it’s all thanks to T-Mobile. According to the latest data from research firm […]

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Android Tablets Are Starting To Catch Up To iPad

Apple’s iPads, including the new iPad mini, have become the most successful tablets every built. Almost three years after Steve Jobs introduced the original iPad, the device continues to be the king of slates, with more than half of the tablet market share. That hasn’t changed much in 2012, but Android tablets have slowly been eating away at its market share, and it may not be long before they dominate.

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Tweetbot For Mac Beta Released, But Theres One Catch: You Have To Be An Existing User

The Tweetbot for Mac saga continues, and this time the guys at Tapbots have come out of left field to release the official beta of their Mac client. The app is available for free now, but there’s a catch: you have to already be a Tweetbot user.

Multiple updates have been released for the alpha version of Tweetbot for Mac, but Tapbots announced earlier this week that it would be discontinuing  [Read More…]

How The Jobs Family Mac Helped Catch The Burglar Who Stole It On Our Newest CultCast

Cultcast site promo pic

When the Jobs’ home burglar walked out of their house with jewelry, computers, and Steve’s old wallet, I doubt he could have imagined one of his heisted Macs would call in the coppers, but he soon learnedyou don’t mess with a Mountain Lion. We’ll tell you the tale on our all-new CultCastand don’t worryall mock turtlenecks have been returned to their proper place.

Then, by popular listener request, it’s a  [Read More…]

Police Catch iPhone Thief Using iCloud, Have You Set Up Find My iPhone Yet?

Find My iPhone If you havent set up iCloud and Find My iPhone yet, now is a good time to do so. This friendly reminder comes to us from a recent New York Times article, which details the story of a police officer using iCloud to bust an iPhone thief and return the iPhone to its rightful owner using none other than the free Find My iPhone service: The ace up  [Read More…]

Netflix Streaming Coming To Facebook, But Theres A Catch

Online movie streaming serviceNetflixtoday confirmed that Facebook integration is on the horizon, and will most likely be implemented within the next three months. However, the company has rather cautiously not decided to launch Stateside just yet, due to the legalities surrounding video sharing and will only launch in Canada and Latin America. Facebook Netflix The online sharing and distributing of works is a contentious subject to say the least. Over the years,  [Read More…]