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Jump Between Spotlight Search Result Categories in Mac OS X

Spotlight on the Mac will search through many different file types and folders to help you find what you’re looking for, but if Spotlight finds multiple matches across different categories, you’ll see the search results returned under each respective category listing. While many Mac users will use the cursor to click the result they want, … Read More

Tim Cook Hints At “Great New” Product Categories

It might not be the iCar that Berenberg analyst Adnaan Ahmad recently recommended Apple invest in, but Tim Cook nonetheless dropped some hints about forthcoming new products in previously unexplored categories while announcing the company’s final quarter financials. During his…Read more ›

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Tim Cook: Apple Is Looking At Entering New Categories Focusing On Profit, Not Marketshare


At today’s Apple Shareholders Meeting, CEO Tim Cook admitted that Apple was “looking at new product categories” but that the company had no interest in just “pressing a button or two” to have Apple make the most products.

Asked during the Q&A section of the meeting how Apple plans to counter Android’s growth, Cook said that while it was within Apple’s power to have the most products in a category,  [Read More…]

Organize iOS Apps by Actions Instead of Categories

Arrange icons by action rather than categories Cant remember what folder you stuffed that iOS app into? If you have a ton of apps on your iPhone or iPad, try rearranging them all by their actions (or by verbs), rather than by the apps category. Although youll have to do this manually by moving apps around and renaming or creating folders yourself, its actually more intuitive and its easier to find  [Read More…]