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Man claims his iPhone caught fire in his pants

A man in Atlanta claims he was forced to strip in public after his iPhone 6 Plus caught fire while in the front pocket of his jeans. “I mean, it was pretty humiliating having to take your pants off in a parking lot,” he told the local Channel Two Action News, asking them to withhold his […]

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Young app developer has caught the eye of Apple

Few things could excuse a kid from skipping his middle school graduation. Connor Chung had a note from Apple. It explained he would be needed in San Francisco for the WWDC. Once there, he would meet important people like Tim Cook, take part in brainstorming sessions with developers and engineers and lay the groundwork for […]

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All the ways Google caught up with (or surpassed) Apple today

Google is keeping a keen eye on Apple — and promising to do everything faster, better and cheaper than Cupertino. That’s the takeaway from today’s impressive Google event, during which the world got its first look at tons of new services, devices and features coming soon to a screen near you. Here are all the […]

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Mobile developers: iOS 9 is coming, here are some courses for getting caught up [Deals]

The release of iOS 9 is upon us, so the time is nigh to get familiar with Apple’s powerful new operating system. With over 50 hours of hands-on training, we’ve found a bundle of courses that’ll get you all caught up with the essentials of developing for iOS and its Swift coding language, teaching key […][Read More…]

Get caught up with the latest in UI/UX design with this 5-course bundle [Deals]

If you want to build something that sticks online, you’ve got to understand how people interact with websites. Udemy’s UI/UX Designer Bundle will give you a grounding in the latest and practice-proven approaches for making your site as attractive and interactive as it…Read more ›

Checkmate! Cheating chess master caught using iPod touch

A chess Grandmaster could be slapped with a 15-year ban after being caught using an iPod touch to cheat. Georgian champion Gaioz Nigalidze’s strategy involved rushing to the toilet between moves to consult his iOS device, which was reportedly hidden…Read more ›

World’s worst iPad thieves caught after celebratory selfie syncs to iCloud

Meet the world’s worst iPad thieves: Dillian Thompson (20) and Dorian Walker-Gaines (22). From “the money team.” Houston police arrested these two geniuses after they uploaded a celebratory selfie video from Burger King to flaunt the cash they stole, along with…Read more ›

Blackberry gets caught tweeting from an iPhone

Blackberry isn’t quite dead yet, but don’t tell that to the person running their Twitter account. The classic Blackberry keyboard is great for pounding out 140 character tweets, yet whoever is tweeting from @Blackberry was spotted using an iPhone to…Read more ›

CNN gets caught using Microsoft Surface as iPad kickstand

Microsoft proudly announced last month that it would be paying CNN to use its Surface tablets for the historic Mid-Term 2014 coverage, but when it came time to actually use Microsoft’s tablet last night, CNN political commentators discovered an incredible new Surface feature: it doubles as…Read more ›