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iPhone 6s fear causes Samsung to bring forward Note 5 launch

Samsung may have strenuously previously denied that it, but evidence is mounting that the company is indeed rushing to release the Galaxy Note 5 ahead of the iPhone 6s. According to a new report, Samsung plans to launch the device…Read more ›

Strange Bug Causes Instant App Crashes in Mac OS X by Typing File:///

Crash a Mac App

An unusual Mac bug has surfaced in OS X that causes any application to immediately crash just by typing a short character sequence.

The bug was first reported on OpenRadar and is thought to relate to the spell checking and autocorrection features, though the bug is also replicable in prior versions of Mac OS X suggesting that may not be the case.

If for some reason you  [Read More…]

Strange Bug Causes Google Now To Randomly ‘Praise The iPad’ [Video]


This is one Google Now bug that Google won’t be too happy about: a glitch that causes the service to randomly “praise the iPad” when a user performs certain voice searches. Google Now reads out its response, but adds “he now praises the iPad” to the end of it. Check out the video below.

One of the questions you can ask Google Now to get this working is “what is a  [Read More…]

EA Server Crash Causes Player Progress, In-App Purchases To Be Wiped From Theme Park For iOS

That’s what it should say.

EA’s free Theme Park game for iOS broke down yesterday, and gamers were unable to access the parks they’d spent time building. The company managed to get everything working again, but once the game was back online, users found that all of their progress had been wiped.

The parks they’d build, the achievements they’d earned, and worse, the items they’d bought using in-app purchases were gone.

This hasn’t just  [Read More…]

What Is It About Apple Products That Causes That Deep Emotional Connection? [Interview]

Hello, Lisa

Jonathan Zufi is the curator and owner of the Shrine of Apple, a web-based museum with a single, slightly obsessive goal: to obtain one of every single Apple product ever produced, and display them all online as beautifully as possible.

Zufi wants to do for all the retro Apple stuff what modern bloggers (not unlike our very selves) do for every newly announced product.

If ever a website earned membership  [Read More…]

Lawyer Sues Apple For $25,000 After Time Capsule Failure Causes Him To Lose Precious Photos

Unfortunately, Time Capsule failures are an all too common occurrence.

Canadian lawyer Perminder Tung is suing Apple over a Time Capsule failure that cause him to lose laptop backups that included precious photographs of his childs birth. Tung wants $ 25,000 in compensation for the broken device and the lost memories after Apple told him the data on his Time Capsule could not be saved. Tung used his Time Capsule  [Read More…]

Wall Street Error Causes Apple Stock To Plunge By 9% In Just Seconds

AAPL isn’t supposed to plunge like this.

Apple stock just keeps going up, up, up except when some computer goes bananas, starts screaming SELL SELL SELL and all of Wall Street panics. Which is pretty much what happened earlier today, when Apple stock lost 9% of its value in just a blink of an eye.   Theres not much info on what happened yet, but according to Business Insider, AAPL  [Read More…]