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iPad Air 2’s new antireflective display is causing production problems

Tim Cook crowed over the sales figures of the iPad during yesterday’s Apple keynote, pointing out that it has sold a whopping 225 million units since debuting in 2010. Despite the iPad Air 2 looking like the finest iPad iteration…Read more ›

Apple’s giant iPhone 6 order causing delays for accessory makers

Excessive demand might mean that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus won’t make it into your hands until October in some cases – but users waiting for iPhone 6 accessories could be delayed even longer. According to sources who spoke with Cult…Read more ›

Resolving systemstats CPU Usage Issues Causing Sluggishness in OS X

The systemstats process is used to retrieve information about system statistics and power usage, and though it usually runs unnoticed in the background, the systemstatsd and systemstats processes have been known to randomly go haywire in OS X, eating up 100%-300% or more CPU while slowing down a Mac. Generally, there’s nothing to concern yourself … Read More

The Fitbit Force Tracker Is Being Recalled For Causing Rashes

If you own a Fitbit Force — a fitness tracker with a built-in OLED display that we like quite a lot at Cultofmedia — you might want to check under the band. Do you see any redness? If so, you…Read more ›    

LCD Burn-In Issues Causing Retina iPad Mini Delay

What’s causing the Retina iPad mini to launch so late in the year, and why is demand expected to be so limited at launch? Display yield issues tend to be viewed as the culprit, but what exactly is happening? According…Read more ›

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iOS 6.1.3 Causing Battery Life Issues For Some Users


Apple made its iOS 6.1.3 update available to the public last week, quashing a lock screen security flaw that allowed a passcode lock to be bypassed with a few simple taps. But the update also introduced a number of problems of its own. Not only do we now have a new lock screen security flaw, but some users are also suffering battery life issues.

Since installing the latest firmware, users have been flocking  [Read More…]

New iMac Orders Are Still Constrained And Causing Sales To Suffer

Being this thin comes at a cost.

The new iMac is still giving Apple problems.

Apple commented today on its poor Mac sales from this past holiday quarter. The company sold only 4.1 million Macs, missing Wall Street’s expectations and the previous quarter’s sales. Overall Mac sales are actually down 16% since this time last year. Ouch.

Tim Cook blamed the new iMac that Apple introduced in October 2012 for the poor performance.  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Popularity Causing An App Store Boom [Report]

The iPhone 5 is boosting some app downloads by as much as 700%.

The iPhone 5 has been a massive success for Apple. It’s only been out a week, but it’s already the fastest-selling iPhone in history, racking up 5 million units sold during its first three days of availability. But this isn’t just having a positive affect on Apple’s revenue; it’s also big business for iOS developers, who are seeing massive  [Read More…]

Major iPhone 5 Camera Issue Is Causing Purple Halo Effect On Photos

Do your iPhone 5 pictures have a purple flare like this?

The iPhone 5′s new camera is supposed to be incredibly amazing with improved low-light performance and a fancy crystal sapphire lens that is less prone to scratching. For many users though, the new camera is having a weird issue where a purple halo or flare splashes across a photo when a bright light source is just outside the frame, and there’s  [Read More…]

iPhone 5′s New In-Cell Touch Display Is Causing ‘Significant Production Constraints’ [Report]

Manufacturers simply cannot produce the iPhone 5′s new display fast enough.

It seemed like Apple was coping well with the iPhone 5 demand, despite it being the company’s fastest-selling iPhone to date. Sure, pre-orders sold out within the first hour of availability, but those who were told they wouldn’t get their new smartphone until October have already begun receiving shipping notifications.

But iPhone 5 production may have hit a stumbling black. The handset’s new 4-inch display,  [Read More…]