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Today marks the 59th birthday of Steve Jobs, who was born February 24, 1955. To mark the occasion, here’s a video tribute created by several Apple employees for Jobs to mark his thirtieth birthday in 1985: The video was originally… Read more ›     

For the 30th Anniversary of the Mac, it’s not just Cupertino that is getting in on the celebration: Apple retail stores have also been marking the occasion with a special 30th anniversay window display, commemorative black t-shirts, and even special… Read more ›     

Affix your party hats, fine friends, and join us for a rip-roarin’ good time as we celebrate our 100th episode of The CultCast—recorded live! We’ll recall some of our favorite moments from episodes past, tell you how you to win…

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No moss is gathered, ok?So, the dude that said he’d quit rock and roll when he turned 33 just turned 70. This is a guy that typically covers 12 miles during a Stone’s show as he leaps about the stage, running and dancing. Mick Jagger has been on the cover of Rolling Stone (no relation) twenty times, the first [...]

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Minigore-2Minigore 2: Zombies, the wonderful dual-stick shooter from Mountain Sheep, is now free for a limited time to celebrate Minigore’s fourth anniversary. It’s arguably one of Mountain Sheep’s most enjoyable titles on iOS, and that’s saying a lot when you consider the same studio is also responsible for Bike Baron and Ice Rage. Minigore 2 sees the return of John Gore, who [...]

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levamp1This frantic, wacky 2D endless runner from Illinois-based development studio High Voltage Games (Zoombies, The Conduit HD) has just been chosen as the iTunes App Store’s Free App of the Week. To celebrate, Le Vamp is now completely free to download and try out for the next few days. Hurry, though, the special offer only [...]

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New cultcast site birthday pic

With 60 episodes, over 1,000,000 downloads, and more appearances as an iTunes top tech podcast than we can count, we celebrate our first year anniversary on our newest episode of The CultCast! Join us as we remember our favorite episodes and guests, and tell the story of how CultCast almost never made it on the air.

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That's some serious Movember, right there.

So, if you’re in the market for a silly, fun little app that will let you mix photos, videos and sound on your iPhone, Artsy Head may be the one to grab. It’s free for the rest of November to celebrate Cyber Monday week as well as the end of Movember. Apparently, one of the fun things folks do with Artsy Head is add mustaches to their  [Read More...]


I hate shaving. Like seriously, it is the most annoying personal hygiene chore that a proper gentleman is supposed to undertake everyday. Mostly I hate it because it takes up a lot of time and me and razors don’t really get along.

But maybe you’re different. Maybe you love the smooth texture of a fresh shaven face everyday. If so, you might want to get this iPhone wannabe shaver.

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No matter which presidential candidate you’re voting for, today is a day to be proud for America. As Americans across the country come together to decide the direction of the country, we should relish the freedom we have to vote and elect a new president every four years. Democracy is one of the greatest aspects of the good ‘ole U.S.A.

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