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Cell jamming gives science teacher an important legal lesson

A high-school science teacher has received a five-day suspension without pay for using a jammer in his classroom to block students’ cell-phone signals. He can consider himself lucky, however, because he had actually violated federal law. Dean Liptak was fed…Read more ›

Crystal Baller: Fuel cell powered iPhones and 7 other silly Apple rumors

Linkase Pro LTE Case Claims To Boost The iPhone’s Cell Data Signal

  Like its predecessor, the new prototype Linkase Pro LTE iPhone case supposedly boosts your iPhone’s ability to connect to the Internet. But where the previous version was claimed to strengthen the iPhone’s wifi radio, this new LTE version is…Read more ›

Division Cell Wants You To Make Some Miserable Shapes Happy [Review]

We all aspire to be more than we are, to mold ourselves into our own perfect forms and escape the limits thrust upon us by circumstance or luck. But we can’t always do it on our own. Sometimes, we need…Read more ›    [Read More…]

White House Asks FCC To End Cell Phone Locking

smartphonesHate the fact that your wireless carrier keeps your smartphone locked? President Obama does too. The White House has filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission asking that wireless carriers be required to unlock all mobile devices. Galvanized by the “We The People Petition” that managed to chalk up over 100,000 signatures to end […]

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Cell Carriers May Sell Your Location & Browsing History, Here’s How to Opt Out

Privacy Cellular carriers in the USA are looking to start selling customer usage data to third parties and marketers, this is being done in an effort labeled as ‘personalization’ and using some other boring sounding descriptions. Though the information is supposedly aggregate and anonymous, it still may include fairly personal details like what apps you use, your location data, and web browsing history, and other bits of info that privacy conscious  [Read More…]

Turn Off Automatic Video Playing in Instagram & Save Cell Data Bandwidth

Instagram, the popular photo sharing app for iOS, recently added video support that allows users to post filtered videos to their picture collections. Browsing through an Instagram feed now results in quite a few videos that auto-play by default, an aspect which can be pretty obnoxious if you want to keep quiet. Perhaps worse than the auto-play audio though is that it also will consume a fair amount of bandwidth over time, especially if you follow a lot of people  [Read More…]

White House Says Cell Phone Unlocking Should Be Legalized


Last month a petition was created on the White House’s We The People website that demanded the White House ask Congress to rescind its decision to make unlocking cellphones illegal.

After 114,000 signatures were collected on the petition, the White House invited experts on telecommunications, technology  and copyright to come over to the White House and talk about the issue.

The official White House response was issued today stating that the Obama  [Read More…]

Tablet Trend Helping Wi-Fi Instead of Cell Carriers

Photo by Oran Viriyincy – http://flic.kr/p/as4zMi

If you received an iPad for Christmas, there is a 95 percent chance you connected to a local Wi-Fi network to slurp up data, a new study predicts. Where does that leave cellular carriers? Out in the cold with their expensive data plans and 3G tablets, thats where. The really bad news for folks like Sprint is the trend for 9.5 out of 10  [Read More…]

National Transportation Safety Board Proposes Nationwide Ban Of Cell Phones While Driving

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has proposed a nationwide ban that prohibits the use of all non-emergency cell phone use in the car. Currently, only select states have a law in place against cell phone use in automobiles, but the NTSB wants the U.S. government to make the use ofpersonal electronic devices while driving illegal in all 50 states. The safety recommendation specifically calls  [Read More…]