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Modern versions of iOS allow iPhone and LTE-enabled iPad users to control exactly which apps can use cellular data. Additionally, the settings control panel can help to make the decision easier to allow or disallow a specific apps cellular access by displaying how much cellular data a specific app is actually using. This can be … Read More

iMessage sends text messages, pictures, and movies over cellular data rather than through the traditional SMS and MMS protocols, but have you ever wondered just how much of an iPhone data plan all your iMessage use is consuming? It turns out that you can find this information through a somewhat buried location in iOS Settings, … Read More

Facebook recently began to auto-play videos that are contained within the news feed of the Facebook app for iOS (and presumably Android). Though the videos play without sound, that auto-play behavior can still greatly increase the iPhones cellular data usage due to the large size of video files as they are streamed to the device. … Read More

It’s a fact that we use more and more data these days, what with our iPads and iPhones having the ever-present connection to the cellular and Wi-Fi networks all around us. Unfortunately, less of us have unlimited cell data plans…

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U.S. Cellular, one of the last carriers in the country to get the iPhone 5s and 5c, has announced that it will start offering Apple’s latest handsets on November 8th. After Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular is the…

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Personal HotspotIf you have the time and inclination, and a certain sense of daring, you can share your cellular data as a Wi-Fi signal for free, without connecting through your data carrier. I’m not a huge fan of jailbreaking, per se; even the non-jailbreaking solution seems a bit technical, and some folks might see it as [...]

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If you’re looking for the public facing external IP address that the outside world sees of an iPhone (or any smartphone for that matter) when using it’s cellular data connection, you won’t find the external IP alongside the local IP in iOS Settings. Rather than poking around in the devices confusing field test mode menus, all you need to do is launch Safari, Chrome, or your iOS browser app of choice, and then use a handy Google trick:

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If you're an AT&T customer, you'll need a certain plan to enjoy this with a data connection.Since it was revealed that FaceTime over Cellular was coming to iOS 6 last summer, AT&T has been gradually rolling out the feature to different segments of its subscriber base. At first, you had to be on a “Mobile Share” plan, and then it was opened up to LTE iOS devices on a traditional tiered  [Read More...]

It’s the swiss army knife of jailbreak tweaks.

Now days, if you’re a carrier and you’re not selling the iPhone, you’re kind of screwed. As T-Mobile became the last of the four major U.S. carriers to start selling the iPhone earlier this year, smaller carriers like Cricket and U.S. Cellular have been trying to attract customers with cheaper phone and data rates.

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iOS 6.1.1

iOS 6.1.1 has been released for iPhone 4S users only. The update is small but important, and is thought to resolve some ongoing network issues that the iOS 6.1 update brought for certain iPhone 4S devices on certain cell carriers, particularly in Europe. Users effected by the issue reported that after updating some iPhone devices to iOS 6.1, they could no longer place phone cals, send and receive text  [Read More...]