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Apple says it ‘pays every cent’ it owes in E.U. tax

Apple has spoken up about the European Union investigation into its Irish tax affairs, telling a panel of E.U. investigators that it pays “every cent of tax” it owes in the country, and that it gets no advantage whatsoever compared with other companies. “We don’t feel that there has been state aid involved and I suppose […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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1429 Per Cent Better: Thats Seven Years Of Mac Mini

Mac mini benchmarks, courtesy of Macminicolo

The guys over at Macminicolo just celebrated their seventh birthday (Happy Birthday!), and took a look at some numbers. During those years, the humble Mac mini�s benchmarks have increased by some 1429%.


The graph above puts it in perspective.

Of course, you can make a similar graph about any computer that�s out there � but I think what�s more interesting about this  [Read More…]