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Bring your headphone game into the 21st century [Deals]

We’re long past the bad old days when we had to actually plug in headphones into our mp3 players and phones. How primitive. A sign of just how far we’ve come can be found in the Jarv Nmotion Pro Bluetooth earbuds, representing the high functionality, lasting power, and just-plain-cool factor that represents a pinnacle in wireless headphone […][Read More…]

Carl Icahn: Apple could be one of the great stocks of the century

Carl Icahn is bearish on the current stock market. After making billions buying Netflix shares near $ 58, the iconic investor announced today that he’s cashing out now that the stock is trading around $ 677 because the ‘overheated.’ Despite pulling out…Read more ›

Get a taste of 17th century Wikipedia with this new iPad app

Remember when your first discovered Wikipedia and spent hours hyperlinking from page to page, reading random entries on everything from the numbering of U.S. highways to John Cage’s “As Slow As Possible?” I had that feeling again over the weekend…Read more ›

DeskPal, A Desk Tidy For This Century

I just upgraded my desk to a 1.65-meter monster, a €40 workbench from the hardware store that I cut down to a 64cm height, and which can support up to 200 kilos. If you’re still not with the metric system…Read more ›    [Read More…]

iPad Lunch Tray Brings TV Dinners Into The 21st Century

Despite its obvious problems, it’s hard not to love this little iPad lap desk from Kikkerland. It’s not just that it would look so cute perched on your thighs with a snack and a suitable beverage, but that somebody thought to update the TV dinner for the internet age.

The iPad Bed is just $ 13 (currently sold out at Kikkerland but available elsewhere: try Amazon), and sits firmly on your lap  [Read More…]

What The iPhone Will Look Like In The 22nd Century [Image]


Artist Maico Akiba takes everyday gadgets and then imagines them as they would look if dug up from a landfill a hundred years from now. This is what Akiba thinks the iPhone 3G will look like in 2107.

Got to say, I’m skeptical the screen will hold up that well. There’s more art by Akiba at the link below.

Source: Maico Akiba Via: iSmashiPhone

Scrapnote For iPad Brings Scrapbooks Into The 21st Century

A couple of pages from the example book, butchered by me.



I have been looking for a decent scrapbook app for the iPad for quite some time. So I was pretty happy yesterday when I saw the brand-new Scrapnote, a snippet-organizing app which pulls in photos, videos, text, scribbles, handwriting and even Evernote notes, all into slick, handsome and easy-to-edit notebooks.

If you have been looking for a research tool, or a  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Remembered: the Most Celebrated CEO of the Last Century [Gallery]

jobs_covers_post.jpg Steve Jobs, the iconic co-founder of Apple and perhaps the most influential American CEO of his generation, died Wednesday after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Jobs may or may not have graced more magazine covers than any CEO of the last century (eight times on the cover of TIME magazine, alone), may or may not have been responsible for more changes to the consumer electronics landscape than any other businessman, and may  [Read More…]

Forget Man of the YearSteve Jobs Is Man of the Century [Opinion]

image source: allaboutstevejobs.com

When I heard about Steve Jobs resignation as Apples CEO on Wednesday afternoon I mentioned casually to a friend my assessment that hes probably the most influential human being of the past one hundred years. My friend laughed and said, no way, you really think so? I challenged him to come up with someone more influentialand after a couple of minutes we agreed that Jobs influence on  [Read More…]