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Master project management with two massively discounted certification courses [Deals]

In the professional sphere, experience with project management is one of the most valuable skills you can have. Starting is harder than just deciding you’ve got what it takes to get things done — you’ll have to get certification, which is exactly what this pair of lessons offers. It’s a one-two punch of project management […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Save up to 97% on 5 certification bundles to give your skillset and resume a boost [Deals]

As the job market gets tougher, your resumé had better be doing the same. To help give you the edge in getting an interview, we’ve collected five certification courses that’ll maximize your marketability, all going for a fraction of the usual price. From learning the ins and outs of servers, to the secrets of wall […][Read More…]

Apple Begins Offering Mountain Lion Training And Certification Options For IT Pros

Following the launch of Mountain Lion, Apple has started rolling out Mountain Lion IT certifications.

Apple has launched its first Mountain Lion training guide and certification for IT professionals. The certification is the Mountain Lion edition of the Apple Certified Associate – Mac Integration certification, which can be viewed as the introductory Mac IT certification.

Apple began offering the certification following last year’s launch of Lion. Unlike Apple’s other certification options, Apple  [Read More…]

Apple Reinstates EPEAT Certification After Public Backlash

All week, we brought youcoverageof the ongoing saga related to Apple’s controversial removal of its products from the EPEAT environmental rating program. Following San Francisco officials pledging to pluck all Apple products in response to Apple’s decision, no shortage of critics have piled on to give Apple another black-eye on its environmental record. But today, following a substantial backlash from the environmental community, Apple has decided to once again list all of its eligible products  [Read More…]

Apple Downsizes IT Training And Certification How The Changes May Impact You

Apple’s now-discontinued Xserve and Xserve RAID enterprise hardware

Like many technology companies, Apple offers training and certification programs. The companys certification options have typically been aimed at three different core competencies: hardware troubleshooting/repair, IT support and systems administration, and creative professionals using Apples Pro applications. As Apple has moved out of the data center over the past year and a half, it has been making major changes to its training  [Read More…]