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Apple broadens its supply chain to maximize profit margins

Apple is reportedly keeping its options open when it comes to selecting manufacturing partners for the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch by broadening the number of companies it contracts work out to. In other words, those supply-and-demand issues that have hit…Read more ›

Overtime got worse for Apple’s supply chain workers in 2014

Apple has been getting tougher and tougher on its supply chain. Just yesterday, for example, Apple banned suppliers who used ‘bonded servitude’ as a way to keep workers on assembly lines. Overall, under Tim Cook’s conscientious leadership, conditions just continue…Read more ›

Apple bans ‘bonded servitude’ in its vast supply chain

What if you had to pay a month’s wages up front just to get a job? It’s a concept that’s largely foreign to Western culture, but bonded servitude is still rampant in other parts of the world, namely Asia. That also happens…Read more ›

Apple’s Supply Chain Is Promising A Retina MacBook Air For 2014

It’s been almost two years since Apple announced the Retina MacBook Pro, and it’s still the only Mac with a Retina display. But according to sources in Apple’s supply chain, that’ll change this summer when the Cupertino company finally unveils…Read more ›    [Read More…]

U.S. Hotel Chain Plans To Replace Room Keycards With iPhone App

Starwood Hotels & Resorts has begun a pilot program in two of its major hotel locations in Manhattan and Silicon Valley, which does away with keycards altogether by allowing guests to enter their rooms using just their smartphones. Hotel guests will receive…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Outspends Competitors For Exclusive Deals On Unique Supply Chain Machinery

By now you should know that it takes an incredibly complex, efficient system to build Apple products overseas, assemble them, and ship them thousands of miles to then show up at your doorstep in the arms of a friendly mailman.…Read more ›

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Supply Chain Sources Confirm New iPad Mini Will Be In Short Supply At Launch

We’ve already heard that the new iPad mini may be in short supply at launch due to low yield rates of its Retina display, and that has now been confirmed by supply chain sources in Taiwan. Sharp and LG Display…Read more ›

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“Falling” iPad mini Demand In Apple’s Supply Chain? Blame Bloomberg

China buying iPad mini

This morning we covered a report from Reuters that said Petragon, one of Apple’s supply chain partners in China, is increasing its work force by 40% in anticipation of producing a budget iPhone in the coming months. The news was based on Petragon’s investors conference yesterday and anonymous supply chain sources adding the iPhone ‘mini’ bit to Reuters.

Bloomberg decided to slant Petragon’s comments and cite “falling iPad mini demand”  [Read More…]

Apple Supply Chain Reaches New High Of 99% Compliance For 60 Hour Work Weeks


Last year, Apple launched it’s Labor and Human Rights page to give some transparency to the human rights controversy’s it’s been having with supply chain workers. Along with numerous explanations on what Apple is doing to make sure its supply chain workers are treated fairly, the company releases the percentage of supplier work-hour compliance every month.

For the first time since Apple started tracking its supplier work-hour compliance metric, they just hit 99%  [Read More…]

Excessive Work Hours No More: Apple Says 97 Percent Of Its Supply Chain Workers Only Work 60 Hour Weeks

While we all know that most consumer electronics are manufactured in places like China, Apple has become the public face of the current practice. While the company continues to rake in huge profits from their iPhone and iPad devices, there has been much finger-pointing in Apple’s direction when unfair and degrading labor practices in manufacturing plants in China, like Foxconn, are brought to the forefront in Western media.

Apple seems  [Read More…]