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Vainglory’s biggest update yet brings character skins to the MOBA-fest

If you’re like us, you’ve been playing the crap out of the amazingly addictive online arena game, Vainglory, since it came out for the iPad and iPhone, ganking enemies from the safety of the bushes, releasing the Kraken, and pushing…Read more ›

This 13 character string will kill any Mac’s Chrome browser dead

If you’re on a Mac, and use Chrome, and if you’re not sure if you have Assyrian turned on, definitely don’t click this link. Just doing so could cause your whole browser to crash, and the culprit is a 13-character…Read more ›

Sin City sequel gets five new character posters

When you’re dealing with a Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller project, visuals are everything – which is why it’s great when they live up to expectations. Following years of waiting, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is almost upon us, opening August…Read more ›

Darkseid Threatens All As Exclusive Character For Superhero Hit Injustice

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have just disclosed that mobile superhero fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us has gotten a big bad exclusively to the Android and iOS versions of the game: Darkseid. To celebrate, the game will…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Make a Word & Character Counting Service for All Apps in Mac OS X

While some writing and text apps have native word and character counters as part of their built-in feature set, but not every app does. That can be changed easily though by creating an OS X Service that will provide word counts and character counts from just about anywhere on a Mac that text is selectable. … Read More

Rovio Reveals Nine New Character Videos On YouTube For Angry Birds Star Wars II

I can remember saving up my allowance in the late 1970s and early 1980s, itching to get just one more Star Wars action figure from the local department store. When I’d get there, money clenched in my sweaty little hand, I would bliss out at the sheer variety and number of action figures on display. […]

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How Jobs Director Brought ‘Brutally Honest Character’ To Silver Screen

Joshua_Michael_SternIt’s not easy making a posthumous movie about the world’s most well-known and beloved control freak. Just ask Joshua Michael Stern, director of new Steve Jobs biopic Jobs. The film delves into the early days of Apple Computer as Stern paints a picture of a man he calls a “brutally honest character.” Don’t go into […]

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Enable an Emoji & Special Character Menu Item for Fast Access in Mac OS X

Fast Emoji access in Mac OS X

Emoji icons are a lot of fun and special characters can be extremely useful, but the standard way of opening the character viewer panel isn’t the smoothest in the world. Fortunately, OS X has an excellent bundled menu bar option that can be enabled to allow for extremely fast Emoji and character access, letting you nearly instantly summon that special character panel from quite  [Read More…]

Sonic Jump For iOS Gets 12 New Levels, New Character In Latest ‘High Flier’ Update

Like Doodle Jump, but with Sonic.

Sonic Jump, Sega’s latest iOS game, has received a great new update that’s now available to download from the App Store. In addition to 12 brand new levels, this release brings new characters and new enemies.

Sonic Jump came to iOS last month, and it’s been pretty popular since, despite being an entirely different Sonic game. Rather than the usual fast-paced platformer, this title sees Sonic vertically leaping through each  [Read More…]