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Have room to roam with the 6-Ft MFi-Certified Android & iOS Charging Cable [Deals]

If you are tired of the neck strain and uncomfortable sitting positions associated with trying to use your mobile device while it’s charging with an insanely short charging cable, read on. For a limited time you can purchase the 6-Ft…Read more ›

Get comfy while charging with The 10 Ft. MFi-Certified iOS Lightning Cable [Deals]

It’s a pretty common sight: Using an iOS device that is short on battery life while it’s charging with an even shorter Lightning cable. Now you can get the range of motion you need to comfortably use your iOS device…Read more ›

Protect your MacBook charging cord from fraying

Chances are you protect your iPhone with a case. Probably your MacBook too. But what about your MagSafe power adapter? It’s safe to say that the little white power brick that comes with Apple laptops isn’t the best design. In…Read more ›

Charge your iPhone in style with this reversible USB charging cord

Andy Rooney once quipped that anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there’s a 90% probability you’ll get it wrong. With that sentiment in mind, a new Kickstarter campaign is in the process of raising funds for…Read more ›

Apple Watch battery will require nightly charging

Apple crushed its introduction of the Apple Watch yesterday in Cupertino, but while Kevin Lynch and Jony were waxing poetic about the design of watch and its revolutionary UI, there was one feature everyone steered clear of: battery life. Other…Read more ›

Reddit leak shows wireless iWatch charging, says former Apple engineer

A former Apple senior mechanical engineer has confirmed to Cult of Mac that, judging by pictures, the iWatch most likely comes with wireless charging. Earlier today a Reddit user posted schematics supposedly showing various components of the iWatch. One of these…Read more ›

iWatch to Have a Flexible Curved Glass Display, Wireless Charging, & Mobile Payments

The wearable device that Apple is set to debut on September 9th will feature a flexible curved glass display, support mobile payments, and be charged wirelessly, according to the most detailed report yet from the New York Times. Additionally, the device will perform a combination of tasks related to health and fitness monitoring, and also … Read More

Water way to charge your iPhone: Seoul installs hydroelectric charging points

While we don’t yet know what kind of battery life the iPhone 6 is going to have, it’s always good to have a way of charging your smartphone when you’re out and about. With that in mind, the city of Seoul…Read more ›

EE angers customers by charging for priority service

EE customers in the United Kingdom can now pay a 50p fee when they call customers services to jump ahead of other callers in the queue. The priority service puts those who pay in touch with the next available operator…Read more ›

Imagine an iPhone 6 with wireless charging… wait, here it is!

The iPhone 6 is promising to be thinner, lighter and have a bigger, brighter display than any iPhone before… but no matter how advanced the next iPhone is, rumors still peg it as sucking the juice it needs to run…Read more ›