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Samsung still chasing a BlackBerry buyout despite denials

BlackBerry may be on its last legs and struggling to attract new customers, but that won’t dissuade Samsung from spending big to buy the company. While both companies have dismissed takeover reports over the past week, a new report claims Samsung really…Read more ›

Candy Crush Dev Also Chasing Indies Who Use “Saga”

Not content with stopping game creators from using the word “candy” in their titles, Candy Crush Saga developer King is now trying to block indie developers from using the word “saga,” too. The company has filed a “Notice of Opposition” against Stoic for its Viking-themed…Read more ›    [Read More…]

The Politics of Smartphones: Apple, Android Chasing Undecided Consumers

If you are already sick of the two U.S. political parties slugging it out for voters attention, get ready for a political drama closer to home: your smartphone. Yes, Apple and Androids Google want you specifically the undecided amongst consumers yet to decide which smartphone to buy. These undecideds will likely be the ones device makers will be hoping to win over, according to the findings of a July Nielsen  [Read More…]