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This cheap plastic bag will waterproof any gadget

Today I’m going to review a plastic bag. A new low, even for me? Maybe, but this is no ordinary plastic bag. It’s a bag that has beaten out pretty much every waterproof gadget case i’ve ever tested, because: It… Read more ›

We already know that once iOS 8 comes around, AgileBit’s password manager 1Password is going to be great. Not only will it use Touch ID to make remembering your password a thing of the past, but it will integrate with… Read more ›

Tim Cook and new CFO Luca Maestri are getting ready for Apple’s Q3 2014 earnings call with investors that will reveal just how much cash the company raked in over the past three months — and what they should expect… Read more ›

You know those cheapo gadgets you pick up at the dime store or from the racks by supermarket checkouts? That’s the kind of throwaway gadget you think you’ve got when you pick up the Clamplight MINI from Blackfire. Which is… Read more ›

Colorful cheap case comes with clip-on kickstand

At just $ 15, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Amzer Shellster fell apart after a couple of weeks, but what a couple of weeks that would be. The iPhone 5 case comes in pretty much any too-bright color you can… Read more ›

I have a Libratone Zipp speaker, and it works great – within five line-of-sight meters of my router that is. Any further and it just goes nuts, shows me a red light and refuses to play. What I need is… Read more ›

Now that you know where to find all those DVDs, video games, and CDs with Shot and Find, you might want something to read. All Librarist needs is an ISBN, a keyword, or a quick scan of a barcode, and… Read more ›     

Are you an Android user with $ 57,000 to spare proving that the gold iPhone 5s isn’t the gaudiest phone around? Well, you may be pleased then to hear about a new line of blinged-up phones from Swiss designer Alessandro Savelli.… Read more ›     

Rival tech companies have no problem promoting their products by ridiculing Apple’s, as evidenced by Microsoft’s recent anti-iPhone ads it had to end up pulling off the internet out of embarrassment. In a new commercial for Nokia’s 2520 tablet running… Read more ›     

Amazon’s Whispersync for voice was always an interesting curiosity: You can read a book on your Kindle, seamlessly switch to the Audiobook version, and then switch back again, all without losing your place. This works thanks to the fact that Amazon owns Audible, the biggest audiobook seller around. The service just got a lot easier […]

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