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Are you an Android user with $ 57,000 to spare proving that the gold iPhone 5s isn’t the gaudiest phone around? Well, you may be pleased then to hear about a new line of blinged-up phones from Swiss designer Alessandro Savelli.… Read more ›     

Rival tech companies have no problem promoting their products by ridiculing Apple’s, as evidenced by Microsoft’s recent anti-iPhone ads it had to end up pulling off the internet out of embarrassment. In a new commercial for Nokia’s 2520 tablet running… Read more ›     

Amazon’s Whispersync for voice was always an interesting curiosity: You can read a book on your Kindle, seamlessly switch to the Audiobook version, and then switch back again, all without losing your place. This works thanks to the fact that Amazon owns Audible, the biggest audiobook seller around. The service just got a lot easier […]

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Ok, so the iPhone 5C isn’t really as cheap as everyone was hoping for, but hey, it’s got some really cool ugly rubber cases to protect that $549 plastic iPhone. Wall Street hasn’t been too stoked about the iPhone 5c’s price either, but maybe if Apple introduced the iPhone 5F – with Snake! – that […]

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outdoor-tech-buckshot  You can thank Bluetooth technology for making cycling safer. “How’s that,” you ask, as you wolf down a Lemon Sublime Gu? The answer lies with the growing number of Bluetooth speakers designed to be mounted a bicycle; listening to music from a speaker obviates the dangerous (and often illegal) temptation to wear earphones on […]

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dlink-5010l-cameraWhile there’s no dearth of choice when it comes to picking a security cam that can viewed over an iPhone, finding one with the ability to pan and zoom remotely is a trickier proposition. And finding one with pan-and-zoom for under $100 is even rarer. But that’s exactly what D-Link’s new DCS-5010L is: a pan-and-zoom, [...]

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kutcher_jobsAfter playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming bio-pic, Jobs, what’s next for Ashton Kutcher? Betraying the very spirit of the icon he just portrayed by shilling Windows PCs, of course. That timeless rag of gossipy muckraking, The New York Post, reports: Ashton Kutcher is continuing to rake in the dough. We’re told the “Jobs†star [...]

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SETA Stand Is Minimal, Elegant Smart And Cheap

The SETA smartphone stand is another one of those post-Lighting iPhone “docks” which don’t actually let you dock the phone. The 30 pin dock connector was bad in many ways but it did at least give us docks into which we could dump our devices and let them charge.

The SETA pretty much ignores the dock part and just proves a handsome, minimalist spot on your desk to park your phone. And it  [Read More...]


We keep hearing rumors that the iPhone 5S is going to come to us in a rainbow of different color options. While we find it hard to believe that Apple will colorize the iPhone 5S, we do think the rumored cheaper iPhone, with it’s plastic or carbon fiber body, would be perfect for colorization.

Concept artist Martin Hajek has a few new renders of what a colorful iPhone 5S or cheap iPhone would  [Read More...]


The rumors that Apple’s making a cheaper iPhone have kind of died down a bit with all the iWatch madness, but there’s a new rumor to add some more smoke to the situation.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that the low-cost iPhone is indeed coming, and it will have the same 4-inch screen as the iPhone 5.

While we’ve given up on publishing unfounded rumors from shoddy analysts, Ming-Chi Kuo does  [Read More...]