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Every Year, Customers Keep Buying Cheaper And Cheaper iPads

When Apple unveiled the iPad Air back in October, they curiously decided to keep the iPad 2 around for another generation at a $ 399 price point… the exact same price as an entry-level iPad mini with Retina Display. In theory,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Selling iAds On iTunes Radio Is “Top Priority” For Apple, Cheaper iAds Coming To Apps

Apple has restructured its growing iAd division to focus heavily on selling spots for iTunes Radio, according to a report from AdAge. To help sell individual ads to more potential buyers, the company is also reportedly building a real-time bidding exchange…Read more ›    [Read More…]

This Gorgeous Leather Case For iPad Mini Is Cheaper Than It Looks [Review]


I reviewed the Acase Collatio for iPhone 5 back in May, and I mentioned it was one of the best leather wallet cases I’d tested to date. It looked terrific, its build quality was excellent, and it was nicely priced. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Acase’s leather iPad mini case, then.

Leather case for iPad mini by Acase Category: Cases Works With: iPad mini Price: $ 39.99

I  [Read More…]

Apple Launches Cheaper 16GB iPod Touch Without Rear-Facing Camera For $229


Apple has this morning added a new iPod touch to its online store that does away with the rear-facing iSight camera in an effort to be cheaper. The device also has just 16GB of internal storage — half that of the regular iPod touch — but it is $ 70 cheaper at $ 229.

The new model also comes in just one color — grey with a black front — and  [Read More…]

Apple Will Definitely Release Cheaper iPhone In 2013, Claims Another Analyst

We're beginning to move out of analysts' predictions and into actual intel about Apple's 2013 pipeline.

Even though we have yet to see some truly credible evidence to support the countless claims that Apple will release a cheaper iPhone sometime in 2013, that’s not stopping another analyst from jumping on the cheap-iPhone train.

Analyst Brian White, at Topeka Capital, released a report this morning claiming that his research supports the claim that Apple  [Read More…]

Apple Planning To Save On Cheaper iPhone With Plastic Body [Rumor]

The iPhone 3GS plastic back is about to make a comeback.

Will the iPhone 3GS plastic back make a comeback?

Rumors of a cheaper, budget iPhone have been picking up steam in recent weeks. After the infamous Digitimes reported that Apple was gearing up to launch a low-cost iPhone later this year, mainstream publications like The Wall Street Journal chimed in with their own confirmations. Apple is “weighing retail prices of $ 99  [Read More…]

WSJ: Apple To Introduce Cheaper iPhone Later This Year [Report]

Apple iPhone

This morning we told you about the Digitimes report that said Apple is planning to release a low-cost iPhone for emerging markets later this year. Now The Wall Street Journal is corroborating by saying “the device could come as soon as late 2013.”

Apple Inc. is working on a lower-end iPhone, according to people briefed on the matter, a big shift in strategy as its supremacy in smartphones has slipped.

While  [Read More…]

Macally’s New iPad Mini Case Will Keep Your New Tablet Tidy, But Could Be Cheaper [Review]

Macally was one of the first manufacturers to get its iPad mini cases onto the market when the device was launched back in early November, and this one from the guys at MobileFun caught my eye for a number of reasons.

It provides protection for both the front and back of the device, with a hard plastic shell that houses the iPad mini, and a plastic cover that’s lined in soft,  [Read More…]

The FlexiShield Skin For iPad Mini: Good, But It Should Be Cheaper [Review]

The FlexiShield Skin has just enough protection at the front for your display.

The FlexiShield Skin from MobileFun is a translucent silicone case for iPad mini that’s designed to offer long-lasting protection, extra grip, and a slender profile that “highlights the form of your iPad mini” rather than spoiling it.

It provides impact and scratch protection to the back of your device, while still allowing you to access all of its buttons,  [Read More…]

iTunes Store Getting Ready To Launch In Russia, Tracks To Be Cheaper Than $0.99 U.S. Price Tag [Rumor]

Apple still has a lot of growing to do in Russia, but the good news is that the iTunes Store may finally be launching there in the coming months. The iTunes Store has not made its way to Russia after all these years mainly due to the country’s pervasive culture of copyright infringement. As part of the company’s continued rollout to new international markets, Apple is reportedly in talks with the  [Read More…]