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The Pi Mount Is As Cute As Pie, And Cheaper

If you were to divide $ 9 by ?, you'd get $ 2.86. Just saying, is all.



$ 9. Nine lousy dollars. With nine bucks, there’s no way you could make an iPhone stand this good, even buying parts from the cheapest of hardware stores. Hell, the only way to make a functional iPhone holder with $ 9 is to head to the bank, buy a roll of quarters and sit the  [Read More…]

Over 40% Of iPad Owners Plan To Buy iPad 3, But They Want It To Be Cheaper [Report]

Hype for Apple’s third-generation iPad has reached a fever pitch leading up to tomorrow’s announcement. A whole lot of people are eager to see how Apple will leapfrog the rest of the tablet market yet again. When we asked Cult of Mac readers if they plan to buy the iPad 3, over 50% of you answered with a resounding yes. A new survey indicates  [Read More…]

AT&T to Justice Dept.: T-Mobile Deal Will Provide Cheaper Cell Phone Service

Photo by lambdachialpha – http://flic.kr/p/iR9Qu

In an odd bit of trash talk aimed at itself, AT&T replied to a Department of Justice objection to the acquisition of T-Mobile USA, the Dallas-based carrier saying T-Mobile is tiny and unlikely to be upgraded by its German parent. Additionally, AT&T said it has spent $ 30 billion upgrading its network between 2008 and 2010 and customers are still complaining. AT&T’s legal team believes the  [Read More…]

Apple to Launch Cheaper 8GB iPhone 4 Alongside iPhone 5 Next Month

Further information surrounding that rumored ‘budget iPhone’ continues to surface as we approach the launch of the fifth-generation device, and according to two sources for Reuters, it could be in the form of a cheaper 8GB iPhone 4. Surely that gets your mouth watering? Despite being over 12 months old now, Apple’s iPhone 4 is by no means an underachiever. It packs the impressive A4 processor, a decent 5-megapixel camera capable  [Read More…]

Awesome Text Editor BBEdit Now Cheaper Than Ever

BBEdit 10 screenshot Somewhat overshadowed by the recent launch of Lion was Bare Bones Software’s release of version 10 of venerable text editor BBEdit.   The new release comes with loads of new features and refinements, but for me the most interesting thing about it was something that got taken away: most of the price. The new BBEdit (also the first version to be available on the Mac  [Read More…]

It’s Cheaper And Easier To Get Your iPhone Fixed Than An Android Or BlackBerry [Report]

If you own an iPhone, you’re more likely to get a quick answer from tech support compared to Android and BlackBerry users, which require much more hand-holding, a Friday report suggests.   The best tech support calls are the shortest, both for the user and the handset maker. Analytics firm ClickFox found most iPhone problems can be solved in one call. However, 77 percent of Android users require multiple steps and  [Read More…]

PC Makers’ Ultrabooks Will Be Thicker And Made Of Cheaper Materials Than The MacBook Air

Responding to their customers’ garish ineptitude in trying to outprice the $ 999 MacBook Air, Intel has decided to do notebook makers’ work for them and put together a reference bill of materials on how to build cheap ultrabooks capable of competing Apple’s superslim ultraportable.   Digitimes reports that Intel has provided two reference designs: one for 21mm ultrabooks starting at between $ 475 and $ 650 to put together  [Read More…]

Analyst: iPhone 5 Launch May Slip To Year End Or Early Next Year; Apple Working On Cheaper iPhone

iPhone 5 Business Insider has just reported that according to an analyst at Avian Securities, iPhone 5production will start only in September. According to the analyst, iPhone 5 won’t be available until the end of this year or even early next year. He also claims that Apple is developing a cheaper iPhone.     The analyst has published the report based on information fromkey component suppliers. He writes: Supporting out  [Read More…]

iPad 2 on Verizon: Slower, But Cheaper

Click the image to open in full size. Verizon released data plan pricing for its version of the iPad 2, and AT&T announced a new plan giving users the option of being billed for their service rather than having to pre-pay. The two plans are roughly equivalent, though Verizon offers a discount for the heaviest data users. A recent study showing AT&T still with a dominant lead on download speeds, however, may give data  [Read More…]

Apple Looking at Cheaper iPhones, Prepaid Plans

Click the image to open in full size. Even though the supposed iPhone "nano" appears to be just rumor, Apple is apparently still considering bringing cheaper phones to market. Saying they don’t want their phones to be "just for the rich," Apple chief operating officer Tim Cook made it clear that Apple is looking to increase its market share by offering lower cost options. He made these comments on a call with an investment  [Read More…]