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Check For iCloud Outages with Apples Handy Status Page

Apple has been on a software rollout spree lately. iCloud and iOS 5 were both released to the public this past Wednesday alongside a slew of other app releases and updates.

Some of this week�s releases have also caused significant problems for many consumers. Certain iCloud customers have been experiencing faulty connectivity since the product�s launch two days ago. Luckily, Apple offers a way to check iCloud�s status from the web.

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Check Out This Awesome 8-Megapixel Photo Taken on The iPhone 4S

Following its unveiling of the iPhone 4S on October 4, Apple published a gallery of photographs taken with the device�s 8-megapixel camera. The results were stunning � so good, in fact, that many criticized the company for editing the photos before they were posted. However, this awesome image of a one dollar bill has not been edited, and it�s amazing.

The image was taken by AppVV.com � the same site that published  [Read More…]

Check Out These Steve Jobs Tributes In Minecraft

The Jobs tributes show no sign of slowing down. Some Minecraft players have been getting busy building their own Jobs tributes out of blocky Minecraft stuff. The one above, by KickAssTechnology, is particularly nicely done and ends on a poignant tone.

There�s more where that came from.


Plus some stills of more tributes, like this one from StBrahmintippa and this one by Teaminecraft.

Check Out This Astonishing Portrait of Steve Jobs Made From MacBook Parts

I�ve never seen anything like it. This amazing tribute to Steve Jobs was assembled from the parts of a MacBook Pro. It�s truly an astonishing piece of work from the designers at�Mint Digital.

Unfortunately, there�s no explanation of how it was done. I�ve sent an email asking how they did it. Here�s a large version.

How to Check iPhone 4S Upgrade Eligibility Status on AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint

Check your iPhone 4S Upgrade Eligibility Status

Want to upgrade to the latest and greatest iPhone? Assuming you qualify for a new contract, the price of the iPhone 4S is the same on all carriers, starting at $ 199 for the 16GB version. If you don�t qualify for a new contract, there�s a wide variation of potential prices and fees that will come into play when you upgrade, so here�s how to  [Read More…]

Check To See If You Are Eligible For An iPhone Upgrade

Everyone already knows that new iPhones are going to be announced on Tuesday October 4th during Apple�s �Let�s Talk iPhone� event. For those of you who are on AT&T and Verizon, you may be wondering if you are eligible for an upgrade with your carrier. It is widely known that if you don�t buy off contract, early upgrade fees can be extremely expensive for�smartphones, especially for an iPhone.

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MacBook Air Creaking? Check for Loose Screws

Pentalobe screws in a MacBook Air

My MacBook Air 11? has been creaking a lot lately when I pick it up, the noise has gradually increased and I finally discovered the reason why: loose screws. I�m not sure what caused the screws to become loose, but I do bring my MacBook Air almost everywhere with me so this could be a gradual loosening from constant use and movement.

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Check Download Speed from iTunes & the App Store

Check download speed from iTunes App Store

Want to check the download speed of something you�re getting from iTunes or the App Store? No sweat, from the sidebar click on Store > Downloads. Here you�ll see the whatever items are currently downloading, and all you need to do is click on the progress bar to show the transfer rate.

This works for the Mac App Store as well.

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Woah! Check Out The Massive Crowds For Apples First Hong Kong Store

The first customers entering Apple’s new flagship store in Hong Kong, which celebrated its grand opening on Saturday morning. Photo by Gary Allen, IFOAppleStore

More than 300 people camped overnight for the grand opening of Apple�s first store in Hong Kong. Some camped out for two days to be among the first inside the new flagship store.

Here�s what the store looks like, plus a video report of the grand opening:

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Check Out This Great Apple Prototypes Round-Up [Video]

Grab from Matt Pearce's video about Apple Prototypes

Matt Pearce made this great little video about some of Apple�s early prototypes that show strong echoes of its modern products.


The materials might be different and the technology might look ancient, but Matt�s talking about the ideas. He does a good job of demonstrating certain design concepts which have been around for a long time.

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