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Check Out This Really Nice Ikea Concept For iPad [Video]

Ikea concept

Developer Moritz Haarmann put together this neat experimental �fluid layout� concept for retail on the iPad.


It�s well suited to a store like Ikea, with its massive inventory of products. Start at the top and zoom in with further swipes through a series of bands and strips until you find the products you want. It might remind you of Twitter for iPad, which Moritz says was  [Read More…]

Check Out The New Blue Screen of Death In Windows 8

Here�s the new Blue Screen of Death in Windows 8, which Microsoft is previewing this week at its Build conference.

It�s been transformed into a sad face emoticon.

Reminds me of the old Happy Mac but, well, sadder.

Bigger version after the jump.

Via Arnold Kim�s Twitter stream.


The big version is here.

Check Out The Crazy Way This Guy Writes On His Old Apple Laptops [Humor]

With Apple releasing new laptops every couple of years, what�s a Mac lover to do with the obsolete models he�s abandoned in favor of the newest and shiniest new model? Here�s one �ingenious� Mac fan�s solution� and it�s enough to make even this hardened tech journo weep a tear of admiration as he remembers his own cinder block furniture days of post-frat bachelorhood.


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Check Out This Amazing Saks Fifth Avenue Display Featuring 64 iPad 2s and 27 Apple Cinema Displays [Gallery]

To commemorate the redesign of Stylelist.com, AOL commissioned Gin Lan to create this amazing display at Sak�s Fifth Avenue store featuring 64 iPad 2s, flanked on both sides by nine 27-inch Apple cinema displays� all streaming live content from Stylelist�s site and its official Twitter feed.

We�re no huge fan of AOL here, but even we�ve got to admit, this is a pretty righteous use of Apple hardware. Check out more images after the  [Read More…]

Check Out Cult of Macs Newsweek Contribution, The 10 Commandments Of Steve Jobs [Infographic]

The 10 Commandments of Steve Jobs – Click For Full-Sized Version

As part of the recent Newsweek cover story on Steve Jobs retirement and his legacy inside and outside of Apple, Cult of Mac was invited to contribute our own piece about how, more than anything else, Jobs� true genius is in managing the creative process. Here�s what we came up with: the 10 Commandments of Steve,

Click the image above  [Read More…]

Every Single Line Means Something: Check Out The Berkley 4th Street Apple Stores Crazy Supersymmetry!

How obsessive is Apple�s attention to detail? In their just opened 4th Street store in Berkley, California, everything is symmetrically aligned, from the squares on the sidewalk to the panes of glass to the stone floor tiles inside.

Go into the staff toilet and I�ll bet that even the toilet paper is hung just so that it could be unrolled and stretched in a straight line to align symmetrically with the  [Read More…]

Check Out This Awesome Reader Made Steve Jobs Mosaic!

To help mark the end of Steve Jobs� career as Apple�s CEO, the wonderful guys over at Artaic sent us this beautiful mosaic.


Who is Artaic? In their own words:

We are a small start-up company that uses our own CAD software to design custom tile mosaics. This software couples with our in-house robotic assembly system that produces the physical mosaics by picking and placing 3/8? glass tiles.

Our office  [Read More…]

If You Think Your iPhone 4 Needs A Wallet, Check Out These Cases From Hex

I�d really rather have my wallet in my iPhone � ie, the virtual version � rather than the other way around, but I guess we�re not quite there yet (and I can�t help but feel that with Steve semi-gone, we�ll take longer to get there). In the meantime, Hex�s Code Wallet for iPhone 4 offers a more conventional approach that carries all your stuff � including your iPhone � in a  [Read More…]

Check Out This Awesome Steve Jobs Easter Egg Apple Sneaked Into OS X Lion!

Reader Pascal Beausoleil pointed us to a cool (and, we think,�new) easter egg in OS X Lion.

If you go to System Preferences > Users you can change your OS X default user icon to a vinyl record� but what are the track titles on that record? If you like Steve Jobs� keynotes and his unique, shouted catchphrases, you�ll absolutely love this�


  [Read More…]

Check This Out Before Buying A New MacBook Air

A video was posted on youtube by TLD showing that some Macbook Airs are slower that others. This�happened�due to Apple using two different SSD models from two different suppliers. mac air Jonathan from TLD discovered that his 11 inch Macbook Air which have a 128GB Samsung SSD achieved 246 MB/s write and 264 MB/s read  [Read More…]