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Check Your New MacBook Air! Apple Might Have Given You An Older, Slower SSD

If you haven’t already, stop reading this and check out Buster’s awesome review of the new MacBook Air. The machine is absolutely gorgeous. And powerful, too. One of the MacBook Air’s main draws is its lightning-fast solid-state hardrive. An SSD outperforms traditional hardrives because all storage and data transfers happen virtually, instead of having to travel across a physical platter. Apparently, Apple is shipping some of these brand new MacBook Airs with the same SSDs  [Read More…]

Check Out This Awesome New Kickstarter-Funded iPad Stylus

As if there weren’t enough capacitive styli out there for the iPad, here’s another one from Kickstarter success Adonit (who make the Adonit Writer we previewed here in a Kickstarter Macworld story — review coming soon) called the Jot. Ah, but this one’s different. The $ 18 Kickstarted Jot employs a flat disk attached, via ball-and-socket, to a fine point at the end of the stylus. The upshot is finer control, more like a pen, but unlike  [Read More…]

Download F0recast 1.3 Update To Check Jailbreak State Of Your iOS Device

If you don’t have any idea about your device if it can be jailbroken or your iPhone is able to be unlocked or not, f0recast is the tool for you. Its specially for those who are new to the jailbreaking scene. Good news is that the developer, iH8sn0w has updated f0recast to version 1.3 and it now supports the current jailbreak state. F0recast will display the serial number of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch,  [Read More…]

Check Out Movie Reviews with Roger Ebert’s Great Movies app

If you’re in the mood for a really good movie this weekend, but feel like you’ve already seen everything worth watching, then go check out Roger Ebert’s Great Movies app. Roger Ebert is one of the most well known film critics in the world and now you can read over 300 full-length reviews on your iDevice at any time. “These movies are the cream o’ the crop, 1915 to the present,” so there’s plenty of good  [Read More…]

Vehicle Diagnostic App Translates “Check Engine” Light In To English

I hate the check engine light located just to the right of my speedometer. It comes on. It goes off. I’ve decided it has a mind of its own. Nothing irritates me more than having that thing come on, then taking my car in for a diagnosis, only to find out I paid $70 to be told nothing was actually wrong and they reset my diagnostic system. I’m almost convinced I need to purchase the  [Read More…]

Mac OS X Lion Check Update (1) Released

According to iClarified, Apple has released the first update for OS X Lion developer preview in Software Update.The changelog indeed suggests this is only an update aimed at allowing developers to download new builds from Mac App Store in the future:“This update is required to redeem downloads of Mac OS X Lion seed builds from the Mac App Store.”Apple might prepping to release the second preview of the upcoming operating system to developers. A recent report said  [Read More…]