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Apple relents to China’s demand for network safety checks

Apple has agreed to accept the Chinese government’s demands to run network safety evaluations on all Apple products before they can be imported into the country. Tim Cook met with the country’s Internet and Information office last December to discuss… Read more ›

WhatsApp’s blue checks confirm your messages have been read

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging platforms on the planet, finally offers one of the most basic messaging features — the ability to tell you when your messages have been read. The app will now display blue checks instead… Read more ›

Foursquare Finally Checks Into App Store With iOS 7 Makeover

Foursquare released a new update for its iPhone app today that finally brings the app in-line with iOS 7′s new white and minimal UI along with some new enhancements that make the app more socially aware than ever before. The… Read more ›     

GroupMe’s New iOS App Makes Splitting Dinner Checks Easy


It’s always nice to be able to split the cost of something with a group of friends, except when it comes time to actually pay up. There’s always one or two people that suck at paying on time, but GroupMe’s got a great new feature for the app to help out with that.

GroupMe just released version 4.1 of their iOS that adds a couple of great new features, including the ability  [Read More…]

Private Eye Checks Your Mac’s Network Connections For Free [OS X Tips]

What’s connecting to where?

If you’ve ever wondered precisely what your Mac is connecting to on the internet and when it’s doing it, there’s a new free app called Private Eye to help you out.

For many many years now, the app of choice for this kind of job was Little Snitch, and it remains the choice of professionals because of its lengthy list of advanced features.

Private Eye is a simpler  [Read More…]

Wall Street: Cut Apple in Half and Write Us Some Commission Checks

Photo by Muffet – http://flic.kr/p/6dGEz

Here�s an idea: let�s cut Apple in half. Sure, the company is the most profitable on the planet and grabs more headlines than the U.S. President. The trouble, according to some on Wall Street, is Apple isn�t acquiring and selling enough to earn financial wizards hefty commission checks. The thinking behind this notion being floated on Wall Street is that Apple could become even more valuable than  [Read More…]