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After the Chinese media called iOS’s ability to track an iPhone’s location a “national security concern,” Apple has responded with a lengthy statement detailing its commitment to customer privacy. Yesterday China’s state-run CCTV ran a segment heavily criticizing the “Frequent… Read more ›

Jimmy and Dre just made billions off Beats’ acquisition by Apple, but the music company is ready to squeeze out a few billion more from a ring of Chinese knockoffs. Legal filings from Beats claim that cheap counterfeits are screwing… Read more ›

Apple loses patent claim battle against Chinese Siri

A Beijing court has ruled against Apple, upholding the validity of a patent held by the Chinese company Zhizhen Internet Technology. Zhizhen first sued Apple back in 2012, claiming that Apple’s Siri virtual assistant was infringing on its patent for… Read more ›

Apple ramps up efforts to woo Chinese app developers

China is an important market for Apple, and while the company now has deals like the one with China Mobile that help distribute hardware in the country, that is only half the battle. According to new reports, Apple has recently… Read more ›

Apple hires 200 Chinese security men to catch leakers

Aside from the odd controlled leaks, Apple isn’t a company known for letting out too much info about advance products (or, really, anything) these days. However, recently we’ve been seeing more and more information come from Apple’s less secretive supply… Read more ›

We’ve seen a few great Flappy Bird machines before, but nothing as incredible as this robot that flawlessly plays Flappy Bird using a web cam, a robotic arm made from an old hard drive, and the tip of a stylus.… Read more ›     

To celebrate Chinese New Year (that’s the Year of the Horse to you!), 2K Games has launched a massive iOS sale — with reductions on a ton of its titles. Among them is the popular tactical role-playing game XCOM: Enemy… Read more ›     

Cult of Mac has reported on Xiaomi — the multi-billion dollar tech company commonly referred to by the Chinese media as “the Apple of the East†— before. From “event marketing” Apple-style presentations, to its founder’s strangely familiar choice of clothes… Read more ›     

Hong Kong-based Biel Crystal Manufactory Ltd — a company that makes iPhone screens for Apple — is violating workers’ rights at its Chinese factories, according to a rights group. The Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior alleges that Biel Crystal… Read more ›     

When it comes to smartphone displays, how many pixels is too many? Most of us believe the current crop of 1080p displays shipping with today’s flagships provide more than enough for our handheld devices, but Chinese manufacturer Vivo disagrees. The…

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