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Chip makers are already scrambling over Apple’s A10 processor

The first Apple devices to boast A9 chips aren’t even out yet, and already manufacturers are fighting it out to get a piece of the next-next-gen A10 order action — which are likely to make their debut with the iPhone 7 in…Read more ›

The Apple Watch’s S1 chip looks great under X-Ray

Yesterday, we reported that the S1 microprocessor inside the Apple Watch was roughly equivalent to the A5 chip inside the iPhone 4s, iPad mini, and iPad 2. But if you wanted even more detail on what makes the Apple Watch’s…Read more ›

Samsung will manufacture the A9 chip for Apple’s next-gen iPhone

The battle over who will manufacture the A9 chip for Apple’s next-gen iPhone has reportedly come to a close, with Apple giving the nod to long-time frenemy Samsung instead of current A8 chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC). According to…Read more ›

Apple may give majority of its A9 chip business to TSMC instead of Samsung

Samsung might finally be kicked the curb when it comes to who gets the lion’s share of Apple’s chipmaking business. According to analysts Olivia and Rick Hsu from Daiwa Securities, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) is likely to snap up 70 percent of all Apple’s A9…Read more ›

Ex-TSMC employee sued for spilling chip secrets to Samsung

  Knowing how much is at stake, things can get pretty vicious when you’re a manufacturer with a shot at providing Apple with vital components for its next generation iPhone. We’ve known for some time that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.…Read more ›

TSMC will likely get golden ticket as Apple’s main A9 chip supplier

The iPhone 6 has barely been on the market for three months but the iPhone 6S rumor mill is starting to heat up with a battle brewing between Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) and Samsung to become the main supplier…Read more ›

Apple’s next-gen A9 chip may have already entered production

Speculation about who is going to build Apple’s A9 processor may be coming to a halt, as Korea’s Electronic Times reports today that not only has Samsung won the contract from Apple, but it’s also entered production. As per the…Read more ›

Burned by Apple, Intel tries to hide its unprofitable mobile chip division

Intel is losing against ARM when it comes to mobile. This is incontrovertible. In smartphones and tablets, Intel’s chips just haven’t been able to compete with the likes of Apple, Samsung, Qualcomm, and Nvidia…. despite the billions of dollars Intel…Read more ›

Samsung and TSMC battle it out for Apple’s A9 chip orders

Competition is heating up between Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to build Apple’s next generation A9 chips, according to a new report citing industry sources. TSMC is currently manufacturing the majority of the A8 chips used in Apple’s…Read more ›

Leaked iPad Air 2 logic board allegedly confirms A8x chip and 2GB of RAM

The full details of Apple’s second-generation iPad Air will be revealed in just four short days, but Apple.Club.tw has published a photo of an alleged iPad Air 2 logic board that reveals Cupertino has a souped up A8X chip ready…Read more ›