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Apple Will Turn To TSMC For A7 Chip When Deal With Samsung Expires [Rumor]


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) will reportedly land a deal for Apple’s future “A7″ processors when the Cupertino company’s current contract with Samsung expires in 2014.

Samsung has been responsible for Apple’s mobile chips since the introduction of the A4 back in 2010, but Apple has seemingly been looking to take its business elsewhere since the pair became embroiled in a series of lengthy legal battles.

The rumor comes from the Economic Daily News in  [Read More…]

The Man Who Put An ARM Chip Inside Every Smartphone Is Moving On


Warren East, who has spent the last 12 years as CEO of ARM, has announced that he will retire on July 1. During his time in charge, East has overseen ARM’s processor design powerhouse through some of its most explosive growth, thanks to lucrative deals with companies like Apple, AMD, and Qualcomm.


East, who first joined ARM in 1994, plans continue to work in the technology industry, he said during  [Read More…]

Will Apple Use A Qualcomm Chip In The Budget iPhone? [Rumor]


China Times is reporting this morning that Apple is going to save costs on a budget iPhone for emerging markets by using a 28nm Snapdragon SoC which has Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G all on the same chip, but wouldn’t support LTE.

Interesting theory, but it’s not going to happen.

The China Times says:

Supply Chain Industry revealed that Apple’s low-cost iPhone uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon single-chip, initially only support 3G  [Read More…]

Qualcomm’s New LTE Chip Might Help Apple Make A Truly Global iPhone

Avocado for iPhone

When you buy your iPhone 5, you have tons of options to choose from. Yes, there are different storage sizes, but you also have the two color options, and then have to get the right iPhone for your carrier. In the U.S. that means you have 18 different models to chose from if you don’t have a carrier preference.

If Apple could just manufacture one iPhone that works on all  [Read More…]

ST-Ericsson Will Have First Phone With Augmented Reality Chip, Maybe This Year



There’s this really cool, funny, slick video made by a bunch of Israelis called Sight, in which a guy walks around in a world where everything he sees is overlayed by augmented reality. Everything. All the time. Sounds far-fetched? Not so much anymore.

Today, Metaio announced that their new augmented-reality chip, called the Metaio AREngine, will make its debut in ST-Ericsson phones — in a handset(s) that may be available  [Read More…]

Apple Starts Taking A-Series Chip Production Away From Samsung

This could be the first ripple of a very big wave: the Commercial Times out of Taiwan is claiming that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (or TSMC) is about to start trial production for Apple’s A6X SoC this quarter.

Why is this a big deal? Apple’s arch-nemesis Samsung currently manufacturers the A6X chip… and it might herald Apple shifting all of its multi-billion dollar chip business away.

The Commercial Times reports:

  [Read More…]

Apple Might Not Be Building $10 Billion U.S. Chip Plant After All

There’s been a lot of talk about Project Azalea, Apple’s rumored $ 10 billion project with TSMC to build a top-secret chip plant on domestic shores. We’ve heard it might be built in New York. We’ve heard it might be built in Portland. Wherever it’s built, though, it’s believed to be a major blow against Apple’s frenemy Samsung, who currently builds the majority of Apple’s custom ARM chips.

Unfortunately, it  [Read More…]

Project Azalea, Apple’s Top Secret $10 Billion Chip Fab, Might Be Built In Oregon

Just a week ago, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo began slyly hinting that Apple would be building a 3.2 million square foot computer chip factory somewhere in his state. This project is known as Project Azalea.

But not so fast. Now a new report has popped up saying that New York isn’t the destination of Apple’s massive new fab plant, but Oregon is instead.

The Oregonian reports:

Business Oregon —  [Read More…]

Samsung: We Won’t Raise Chip Prices On Apple Before Next Year

As Apple and Samsung try to purge themselves of dependency on one another things are bound to get even more ugly over the next 12-18months. A report came out earlier this week that Samsung was planning to raise the price on Apple’s processors by 20%.

The significant price increase would mean Apple’s cash cow – the iPhone – wouldn’t have as profitable margins which would negatively effect Apple’s bottom line. However, an  [Read More…]

One Of Samsung’s Most Noted Chip Designers Has Joined Apple

Apple has poached Samsung talent to develop in-house chips for the Mac.

Apple and Samsung are in the midst of what is perhaps the most heated patent lawsuit in history, but that doesn’t mean the two companies won’t still steal from each other’s camps. One of Samsung’s most prominent chip designers has joined Apple, the Korean company’s sworn enemy. “Veteran” processor guru Jim Mergar could help Apple create proprietary chips for the Mac,  [Read More…]