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A5 Chip Allows Firemint To Introduce Party Play Mode For Real Racing 2

The popular iOS game developer Firemint is usually quick on jumping to new technology introduced by Apple in their iOS devices and platform, and this time is no different. The company has announced support for the A5 chip originally found in the iPad 2 and being introduced to the iPhone in the upcoming iPhone 4S. The support provides enhanced visuals to their games including : “New dynamic shadows and lighting, increased polygon counts, reflections, and exposure effects” according to the  [Read More…]

A5 Chip Benchmarks Show Estimated Graphic Performance Increase

Although there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the external redesign of the new iPhone, one of the main features that everyone already agrees upon is the incorporation of the much faster dual-core A5 processor in the new iPhone. The A5 processor was first introduced in the iPad 2 in March and houses a much faster graphics processing unit (GPU), which as expected, will improve the performance of the next generation iPhone. When first  [Read More…]

Outfoxed by Apple, PC Makers Again Try to Get Intel to Cut “Ultrabook” Chip Price

PC makers hoping to compete with Apple’s lightweight MacBook Air laptop want chipmaking giant Intel to cut prices in order to produce “Ultrabook” alternatives costing under $ 1,000. So far, the company has balked at any discounts, yet still seeks to capture 40 percent of the notebook market. Acer Taiwan and Compal Electronics both asked Intel for helping in achieving the sub-$ 1,000 price goal for the “Ultrabook” devices. So far,  [Read More…]

Leaked Pictures Of The iPhone A5 Chip And 1430 mAH Battery

Another iPhone Leaked photos, Again photos of iPhone parts popped up on the web shoing the iPhone A5 Chip and the device’s 1430 mAH Battery. 401 “It is not an iPad 2 chip, since it looks rather different, as you can see in the iFixit teardown pictures below. It bears some resemblance to the current  [Read More…]

A6 Chip Release Date Suggests No iPad 3 Until June 2012 [Report]

Rumors of Apple releasing an iPad 3 in early 2012, or even later this year, have been circulating recently, and now a new report suggests that Apple won’t be able to ship a new iPad based on the A6 processor until June of 2012.   The first generation iPad was built on the A4 processor, and then the iPad 2 got upgraded to the A5. It’s expected that Apple will include  [Read More…]

Not All Thunder Created Equal, New MacBook Air Using Scaled-Down Thunderbolt Chip

Image Courtesy of iFixit According to AnandTech, Apple has decided to go with a scaled-down Thunderbolt Controller in the new MacBook Airs. The scaled-down Thunderbolt chip found in the new MBAs is referred to as Intel’s “Eagle Ridge” controller chip, while the controller found in iMacs and MacBook Pros is called “Light Ridge.” The smaller Eagle Ridge controller comes in two sizes, normal and small form factor, the MBAs contain the small form factor. What this  [Read More…]

Apple Running Trial Production of A6 Chip With TSMC Not Samsung

Apple, in a clear kick to the groin of the Samsung collective, has consigned trial production of its future A6 processor to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. While the A6 wont appear in any Apple devices until 2012 and with A5 production still in the hands of Samsung, it appears the legal battle royal between Samsung and Apple is resulting in a rather nasty divorce. Samsung has been the sole manufacturer of Apple’s A4 and  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 Launching Delayed, Because Of the A5 Chip Overheating issue

Until Apple announces the release of iPhone 5, there will be daily rumors about the launching. The latest rumors -coming from a Chinese-Language site– says that the reason of this delay is the A5 chip overheating. The site claims that is the reason of Apple pushing back the next iPhone launch from the usual June-July timeframe into the late August-early September timeframe, And the site also claims that Apple‘s silicon team is facing problems keeping the dual-core A5 Chip cool in the iPhone 5 slim casing.  [Read More…]

The A6 Chip In Pilot Manufacturing Through TSMC, Not Samsung

According to a report from Reuters Apple is going through trial manufacturing of its future A6 Processor through Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). If the story checks out it wouldll be a movement away from its traditional chip supplier, Samsung Electronics. This expexted to be because of the current legal battel between Apple and Samsung. The A6 processor is expected to be a quad-core chip, and expected to be released in 2012. Via | macstories

Apple’s A5 processor could pave way for larger chip trend

Despite the similar features, the processor used on Apple’s iPad 2 A5 and presumably also will be mounted on the upcoming iPhone, is larger than its alter ego Nvidia Tegra 2, and even more powerful. According to analysts, the trend for the coming years will be to achieve chip bigger and faster A5 The chip has a size of 122 mm square, 49mm square against the Tegra 2. This difference raises a lot of  [Read More…]