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Only hours left to win the Apple toy of your choice! [Deals]

A new iPhone? The Apple Watch? Whatever Apple gadget is currently at the top of your wish list, you can get it free when you enter to win our Apple toy giveaway. Just move fast—it ends at midnight on 6/17. The…Read more ›

Doom maker’s weapon of choice for teaching coding? Apple IIc

When you’re one of the closest things the programming world has to a rock star, you might assume that — when the time comes to pass your godly coding powers onto the next generation — you’d hand your offspring a brand new…Read more ›

Giveaway: Win An iPad Air & 5 Deals Of Your Choice From Inky Deals [Sponsored Post]

Giveaway: Win an iPad Air & 5 Deals of Your Choice from Inky Deals! By entering this contest, automatically receive a pack of premium resources worth $ 55 for free. It comes from the Inky Deals best seller Full Design Library: $ 3,860 worth…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Ashton Kutcher Drops Some Deep Steve Jobs Quotes At The Teen Choice Awards

ashton-kutcher-as-steve-jobsSo, Ashton Kutcher, right? His first name is actually Chris. He met up with about a bazillion teen fans at Nickelodeon’s Teen Choice Awards last night to receive the Ultimate Choice Award Recipient from the kid-centric cable network, and told them some deep stuff. First up, according to Kutcher, is that “opportunities look a lot […]

The post Ashton Kutcher Drops Some Deep Steve Jobs Quotes At The Teen Choice Awards  [Read More…]

iPad Ranks As First Choice For Doctors But IT Still Nervous About Privacy Issues

Healthcare was one of the first fields to adopt the iPad after it launched two years ago. As with other fields, the initial use of the iPad in healthcare came from doctors and other professionals buying their own iPads and bringing them into their practices or along with them on rounds a move that predated most of todays BYOD planning. A recent study of mobile technology in healthcare clearly  [Read More…]

iPad Becoming Leading Choice for Hospital Kiosks

Already deployed everywhere from airplane cockpits to British grocery store shopping carts, hospitals stand poised as the next frontier for iPads to conquer. As it turns out, hospitals – which are always in search of ways to slash costs while improving efficiency – are beginning to use iPads as lobby kiosks. With little more than a floor-mounted stand to prop it up, the iPad is being used as a highly effective, time-saving, and cost reducing  [Read More…]

For Tablets, The iPad is the Only Choice [Analyst]

For those concerned ooowly-catching-up-to-ipad/105608″>Android was catching up with Apples iPad, JPMorgan analyst Mark Moskowitz has this message: stop your worrying. Beyond the iPad, there has not been another high-volume tablet offering, yet, he told investors Thursday. When one does, dont look to Mountain View, but Microsoft for a credible Apple competitor. Moskowitz was one those worry warts who thought Android-based tablets were gaining ground on Apple. However, that forecast never materialized.  [Read More…]

The iPhone is The Device of Choice For Airline Passengers [Report]

iPhone rolling shutter effect by PixelCrumpler http://bit.ly/pEEDTe

If youre a member of the Mile High Club, chances are that you own an iPhone. A new report from AllThingsD says that two-thirds of Gogo in-flight WiFi users favor the iPhone as their browsing device of choice. 20% of mobile WiFi usage is attributed to the iPod touch, while Android only accounts for 12%. RIMs Blackberry accounts for only 6% of airline  [Read More…]