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Apple makes righteous choices look drop-dead sexy

Whether you’re recycling your iPhone in order to upgrade to the latest iPhone SE, or you favor Apple products because they’re the best on the market, you can feel good about your choice thanks to Apple’s environmental and medical initiatives. Cupertino’s favorite tech company dropped four gorgeous videos into its low-key keynote today that showcase […]

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‘Thesaurasize’ Keeps Your Word Choices Varied/Amalgamated/Diverse/Mixed

Picking the right word can be challenging. Or maybe you’re just trying to make yourself sound smart by using something that would be a formidable figure on a Scrabble board. Either way, Thesaurasize can get you those synonyms but quick.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

T-Mobile Ending Grandfathered Plans To Simplify Available Choices

Today T-Mobile announced that it is shuttering grandfathered plans to focus solely on its newer Simple Choice plans. The ‘UnCarrier’ sent out a letter to customers today, and discounts are being offered on newer plan rates for legacy customers who still…Read more ›

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Set Default Font Choices For Messages You Send And Receive In Mavericks Beta [OS X Tips]

Message Font ChoicesIn the OS X 10.8 version of Messages on the Mac, you can set the background color of your own messages, and you can set the background color, font, and font color of anyone who sends you messages. Now, though, in OS X Mavericks, you can do all those things, plus send messages in your […]

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Moshi Luna Backlit Mac Keyboard Offers Curious Design Choices

Moshi’s Luna backlit Mac keyboard is a weird device. It’s a desktop device through-and-through, connecting via USB, but doesn’t have any USB ports itself – one of the major advantage of using a wired keyboard.

It also uses scissor-switched chiclet-stlye keys instead of something more substantial like you’d find in the Matias or DAS keyboards.

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Spend Nine Minutes With This New Sim City Gameplay Strategy Video, Discover Endless Choices

EA has released a new, nine minute strategy and gameplay video to YouTube, with a voiceover by producer Stone Librande. Watch as he discusses his strategy for creating a casino city from the ground up. He spends time showing off the incredible graphics and fine-grain control the series is known for.

The video description says that SimCity is about endless choices, and the little preview Librande gives here offers  [Read More…]

Apple Names Their Choices For Best Apps And Games Of 2011 With iTunes Rewind

Following their annual holiday tradition, Apple has just published iTunes Rewind 2011, their list of their own personal best apps and games across twenty-one categories. And as usual, theres some surprising choices.   Perhaps most surprising is the choice of Tiny Tower as the iPhone Game of the Year, over other best sellers like Tiny Wings. Best iPad Game of the year is also a  [Read More…]