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Shoulderpod’s chunky S1 grip makes iPhone camera far easier to use

Do you like to wander the streets, camera in hand, ready to catch an amazing shot? Have you ever missed that shot thanks to the time taken to fumble your iPhone from your pocket and fire up the camera? Even…Read more ›

TRTL BOT Unveils Chunky, Kid-Friendly iPad 2 Case on Kickstarter

  Los Angeles-based TRTL BOT turned to Kickstarter for the latest project: A massive, multi-use iPad 2 case/stand called The Shell, with a nod to keeping an iPad safe during brutal use. Like when its in the hands of kids.   Yeah, its big and froggy green (dont like frogs? It also comes black or white) but its got a handle that turns into a stand for both landscape  [Read More…]