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Sin City sequel gets five new character posters

When you’re dealing with a Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller project, visuals are everything – which is why it’s great when they live up to expectations. Following years of waiting, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is almost upon us, opening August… Read more ›

Steve Jobs Spotted In China’s Ghost City

Remember the recent bizarre Steve Jobs statue, depicting what looked to be the decapitated head of Apple’s late CEO? Well, a new Steve Jobs sculpture may have it beaten in the weirdness stakes. Urban explorer Darmon Richter found the above… Read more ›     

Responding to the tech industry’s effect on San Francisco housing, Bay Area artist Alfred Twu has taken it upon himself to show what Silicon Valley tech campuses might look like if they converted their parking lots into accommodation for their… Read more ›     

6 Beautiful Bokeh City Light Wallpapers

Bokeh is a photography effect that uses intentional blurring of pictures for a pleasant abstract appearance. The resulting unfocused images often wind up making fantastic wallpapers for your desktop and device backgrounds, and that’s what we’re focusing on here with six gorgeously abstract bokeh images of various city lights and elements. (By the way, if … Read More

Apple and the city of Cupertino have reached an agreement that will see the tech giant paying more taxes to the city as part of the deal for its new Apple Campus 2 project. The new deal is up to… Read more ›     

Do you have what it takes to bring Batman back to life? When Batman is imprisoned alongside Gotham’s most notorious, he must discover Arkham City’s true purpose before it’s too late. Batman: Arkham City is an intense, atmospheric sequel to…

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ios-7-release-time1  We’re just a couple hours away from the launch of iOS 7 where everyone in the world’s iPhone will instantly look different for better or worse. In the past Apple has usually released major iOS updates at 10AM Cupertino, which is 10:00 AM PDT. Apple hasn’t officially confirmed the launch time, so don’t bet the […]

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Dubai DeliveryWhen Peter Saghegyi lost his position at gaming developer Rockstar Vienna, the Hungarian native decided it was time for a change. He headed to London, and then ended up in Dubai, one of the more influential United Arab Emirates. He spent the boom years (2006-2008) trying to sell real estate visualizations to companies in the [...]

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Omerta4Omerta: City of Gangsters by Kalypso Games Category: Mac OS X Games Works With: Mac OS X 10.7 and up Price: $39.99 I don’t want to wax too rhapsodic about a gangster game, but Omerta: City of Gangsters has what it takes to keep me engaged for an afternoon of beer and liquor smuggling, along [...]

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RockstarGamesRockstar may not have a massive catalog of games on Android and iOS, but with the likes of Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne, there’s no denying that it has some of the best. And they’re currently on sale in the App Store and on Google Play for a limited time. Here’s a full list of the titles that [...]

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