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Almost half of Apple Music subscribers have already cancelled, claims survey

According to a survey published today, roughly 48 percent of Apple Music listeners polled say that they have already given up on Apple’s streaming music — and the free trial isn’t even over yet. A total of 61 percent meanwhile claim that they have already disabled the auto-renewal option on their accounts so as not […][Read More…]

Jeff Bezos dismisses claims that Amazon is an evil employer

The dehumanizing work culture described in a weekend New York Times articles is no place Amazon’s Jeff Bezos would want to work. He said so because the article was about Amazon. In a memo to employees in response to the article, Bezos painted a picture of caring Amazonians who are “fun” and “brilliant” and “helping […][Read More…]

Crazy-sounding smart clothing line claims it will chill your fat away

A lot of products promise to help you lose weight without requiring you to do any extra work. And here’s another one. Thin Ice is a line of smart clothing, and its creators say that it will melt fat by tricking your body into thinking it’s colder than it is. And that’s it; that’s how […][Read More…]

Crazy-looking wooden case claims to boost your iPhone’s audio

Here’s a unique-looking case for your iPhone that promises to do more than just protect your handset from nicks and scratches. The Hibiki case for iPhone 6 says that it will also make your audio sound better. “Since iPhones receive…Read more ›

Sketchy rumor claims 4-inch iPhone is coming early next year

Rumors about Apple making a return to the 4-inch form factor for future iPhones have been doing the rounds since late last year. While they seem to have quietened down as of late, however, a new report injects some life into…Read more ›

Apple Watch claims half of all smartwatch displays to ship in 2015

34 million smartwatch displays will ship in 2015, and 49 percent of them belong to the Apple Watch. Thanks to Apple entering the market, smartwatch display shipments are set to increase 250 this year, according to a new study of…Read more ›

Unbelievable rumor claims ‘iMac 8K’ is coming this year

Apple leapfrogged the desktop competition last year with the 5K Retina iMac, but according to its display partner LG, Apple is going to announce an is going to release an ‘iMac 8k’ later this year. The Korean display manufacturer published…Read more ›

Sketchy rumor claims Apple Watch 2 is coming later this year

You know that old saying about buses: you wait ages for one and then several turn up at the same time? Well, according to analyst Timothy Arcuri from Cowen & Co, the same is about to prove true of Apple Watches.…Read more ›

Apple Pay fraud already ‘rampant’, expert claims

Apple Pay may be taking over the world of mobile payments, but as with any new technology there are scammers out there looking to misuse the service. In the U.S., criminals are reportedly using Apple Pay to buy expensive goods,…Read more ›

Unlikely rumor claims Apple will bring back the 4-inch iPhone for 2015

Many people haven’t even gotten their iPhone 6 devices yet, and already the rumors are starting up about what Apple has planned for its next generation handsets. One slightly sketchy rumor, citing sources in the Apple supply chain in China, suggests…Read more ›