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Apple’s Classroom app for iPad lands on App Store

Apple is putting more tools in the hands of educators today with the official launch of the new Classroom app for iPad that promises to opens up new, more engaging ways of teaching and learning on the iPad. The new app is part of the new iOS 9.3 education features Apple has added that allow […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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MarginNotes Would Be The Ultimate Classroom Notes App, If It Weren’t So Confusing

MarginNotes is an interesting app that may just be a little too confusing to use, or may be the perfect document markup app ever. I still can’t figure out which. The app will open EPUB and PDF files and let…Read more ›    

BooqPad Mini Case Is Perfect For The Classroom

Having utterly failed in my efforts to not buy an iPad mini, I have already started a collection of cases. Most of them are reviews units, and almost all of them add too much weight and bulk to the tiny mini. But the Booqpad mini seems to have a different idea: If you’re going to add weight anyway, why not just go the whole way and make the extra grams worth it?

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AirPlay Direct Could Be The Best Business And Classroom Presentation Tool Ever

AirPlay Direct would easily win fans in business, education, and even IT.

One of the first thoughts I had when Apple announced AirPlay Mirroring as a feature in Mountain Lion was that it would make an excellent mobile presentation tool and one that would be far easier to bring to business meetings, trade shows, or client-site training events than hauling a projector. With just a MacBook Air and Apple TV, you can  [Read More…]

How The iPad Is Transforming The Classroom [Back To School]

The iPad is engaging students and transforming the K-12 education experience.

During its education event in January, Apple unveiled its plans to revolutionize the K-12 classroom with the iPad, electronic textbooks, a revamped version of iTunes U that supports content for K-12 schools as well as higher education, and tools for educators to create their own digital content using iBooks Author and iTunes U.

In the intervening months, schools and districts around  [Read More…]

School Technology Policies Are More Important Than Ever In The iPad-Enabled Classroom

School technology policies are often restrictive, but circumventing them can be dangerous for teachers and students alike.

One of the challenges of 21st century education is determining the appropriate ways to use technology in the classroom. That’s a challenge that each school or district needs to confront in its own way. One thing that is universal, however, is that the policies and processes put into place around technology need to come from  [Read More…]

iTunes U Is Now An App And A Whole Classroom On Your iPad [Apple Education Event]

This is a surprise: iTunes U has just moved n to its own app, and its a whole virtual classroom in app form. Why even go to class?   We want to let teachers do more. We want them to do everything you need to take a class. The syllabus, everything. So were introducing a new iTunes U that lets teachers do everything on their iPad. iTunes U allows teachers  [Read More…]