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Apple Design Guru Jony Ive Drops $17 Million For A Classy House In San Francisco

That’s ‘Sir’ Jonathan Ive to you.

Renowned and long-time Apple executive Jony Ive has purchased a $ 17 million home on San Francisco’s exclusive “Gold Coast.” The 45-year-old designer behind products like the iMac, iPhone, and iPad is now the owner of a 7,274-square-foot abode overlooking the bay area.

Given Ive’s British heritage, it’s only fitting that his new house features its own courtyard garden and “cathedral” ceilings. Not too shabby, even for a  [Read More…]

Those Crazy Taiwanese Animators Pay A Surprisingly Classy Tribute To Steve [Video]

I wouldn’t have imagined that Next Media Animation (the guys behind all of those wacky Taiwanese animated news reports) would have had it in them to do a sweet and tasteful memorial to Steve Jobs, especially not within their Sims 3 animation studio, but they did a damned good job, I thought. I love that St. Peter managed admissions into heaven on an iPad: that must really cut down on a lot of the paper work. Needless to say, in  [Read More…]

Stay Classy with Booq’s Sleek New Viper Slider Case for iPad 2

There’s no shortage of covers for the iPad out there — but there aren’t many that many with Booq’s new Viper Slider’s executive panache at this price point.   The $ 40 Viper is a is a cleanly designed, leatherette-wrapped, polycarbonate slider shell with a non-scratch interior lining. And since it’s a slider case, the bottom cap can be removed so  your iPad 2 can make nice with a dock.  [Read More…]