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Learn how to protect your clients from hackers with the White Hat Hacker Bundle [Deals]

You’ve got a great web presence. Now you have to protect it from hackers that want to steal your customers’ information to use for their own personal gain. Don’t let them! With The White Hat Hacker Bundle, you will learn…Read more ›

App.net Releases Separate iOS App To Manage Accounts And Discover Clients

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 5.53.28 PM

Twitter-like social network App.net has released a new app in the iOS App Store called Passport. Unlike apps like Netbot, Passport can’t be used to actually read an App.net feed. The app is designed to manage accounts and help discover third-party clients.

Our mission has always been to support developers and to give members more choice. At its core, Passport is our directory app: an easy way  [Read More…]

New FCP 7 Licenses May Be Available To Enterprise Clients, Maybe

Apple head a prive briefing July 6 in London regarding enterprise contracts. A number of details have emerged in a series of tweets by Sam Jognson of AMV Lab (@aPostEngineer) regarding FCP X and Apple’s plans to continue supporting FCP 7 as well. The backlash from current FCP 7 enterprise users and the editing community as a whole has been overwhelmingly negative. So much so, Apple is considering making additional FCP 7 licenses available to  [Read More…]