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Get Retro with a Classic Mac Finder Clone for Modern MacOS

Do you miss the retro old days of an ultra-simple Finder experience on the Macintosh? You know, way back in System 6 and System 7, when there was no visual complexity to the user interface of Finder, no myriad of features, it was just a simple file system browser. Yearn no more, because you can … Read More

Xiaomi’s latest iPad mini clone runs Android or Windows 10

Xiaomi latest iPad mini clone got its grand unveiling today, and it has a neat trick up its sleeve. The 7.9-inch Mi Pad 2, which would look right at home in the Apple Store, can run either Android or Windows 10 — and it starts at just $ 156. The new Mi Pad 2 is a […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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HTC’s iPhone clone leaks out again with giant bezels, six color options

HTC’s upcoming iPhone clone, the One A9, has leaked out again ahead of its official unveiling. A new press image confirms the device will be available in six colors, with gigantic bezels above and beneath its display that somewhat spoil its otherwise attractive look. The image above was posted to Twitter by reliable leaker Evan […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Facebook’s Periscope clone is only for beautiful people

Did you think the biggest social network on the planet was just going to sit idly by while the likes of Meerkat and Periscope find success in live, social video? Facebook won’t stand for it. So it’s launching its own contribution to the live streaming mix, but the catch is only cool people can use it. Facebook […][Read More…]

Check out this (clone) iPhone 6s unboxing video

The iPhone 6s is still a couple of months away, but thanks to the magic (read: blatant thievery) of Chinese smartphone clone-makers, we’ve got an advance peak at what it might look like to unbox Apple’s biggest iPhone “s” release…Read more ›

Behold this shameless Chinese Apple Watch clone running Android

We got our first look at Apple Watch knockoffs at CES earlier this year, and while those junky devices were about as basic as they could be, more advanced knockoffs have hit the market since. From right out of China,…Read more ›

Samsung’s latest iPhone clone doesn’t stop at hardware

It’s easy to see how Samsung ripped off the iPhone with the Galaxy S6’s hardware. The metallic frame with chamfered edges, antenna bands, and very familiar port positioning is blatantly taken from the iPhone 6. But Samsung hasn’t just copied the way…Read more ›

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 could be another iPhone clone

Samsung’s pursuit of great design could lead to another iPhone clone if these images, purported to be the handset’s new aluminum frame, turn out to be genuine. The South Korean company appears to have dropped the sharp, straight edges seen…Read more ›

Nokia’s iPad mini clone sells 20,000 units in 4 minutes

Some manufacturers have seen great success in taking inspiration from (copying) popular Apple products, and now Nokia is getting in on the action. Its attractive, Android-powered iPad clone, called the N1, sold 20,000 units in just four minutes when it went on sale…Read more ›

North Korea’s OS X clone is now available to the public

North Korea release a new version of its state-controlled operating system Red Star this week. The last version (Redstar 2.0) was designed to look just like Windows, but for the sequel, Kim Jong Un’s minions have taken some inspiration from…Read more ›