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When the final Space Shuttle flight landed in July 2011, there was a sadness that America’s future involvement in space exploration would be nothing more than one of our astronauts occasionally hitching a lift on a rickety Russian rocket. But… Read more ›

Apple Pay is one step closer to arriving in China

Apple is talking to Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba about bringing Apple Pay to China, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. “Right now, I think what we can say is that this is focused on the China market for… Read more ›

Apple’s construction project outside the Flint Center has sprouted up a ton of wild theories. Is it for a secret U2 concert? An iWatch demo area? Or something much more boring? We tried to get a peak inside the massive white… Read more ›

California closer to ‘kill switch’ law

SACRAMENTO — The state where the iPhone was born came a step closer to a law that might help keep it in your hands. State Sen. Mark Leno’s Smartphone Theft Prevention Act (Senate Bill 962) passed the state legislature this morning… Read more ›

With rumors of a new Apple-made “fitness app†coming to iOS 8, secret meetings with the FDA, and murmurs of more sleep and fitness experts joining the Apple ranks, the iWatch rumors are heating up on this week’s CultCast! Plus,… Read more ›     

A week ago Honda brought Siri Eyes Free integration to its 2013-2014 Accord and 2013 Acura vehicles. The automobile maker said it had additional functionality to announce today, and the news is out. Honda has put a 7-inch “Display Audio” touchscreen… Read more ›     

Like blades on a disposable razor, there can never be enough ports on a USB hub. At least, that seems to be the thinking behind Satechi’s 7-port USB 3.0 monster, a wedge-shaped desktop hub made for Mac users.

The Premium Aluminum Hub will of course work with any computer, but it is clearly designed to match your Apple aluminum keyboard and magic trackpad, complete with a fake cylindrical battery chamber at the  [Read More…]


Evi and Siri might have to duke it out once Amazon makes its smartphone

Siri hasn’t quite lived up to the hype that most Apple fans bestowed upon it after it debuted with the iPhone 4S, but it’s still a magical piece of software, and Apple’s competitors want their own version of Siri.

Adding to months of speculation that it’s working on its own smartphone, Amazon just bought a  Siri-like app called  [Read More…]


The upcoming evasi0n jailbreak that will will allow users to hack iOS devices running Apple’s latest iOS 6.1 firmware has been completed for Mac and Windows ahead of its public release. The team behind it the exploit confirmed the update on Twitter this morning. All that remains is the Linux client and “some testing.”

With the Mac and Windows clients complete, the evasi0n jailbreak is 68% done, according to  [Read More…]

A Closer Look At Camtasia 2 For Mac [Deals]

One of the highlights of The iStack Mac Bundle 2.0 is Camtasia 2 for Mac. This app gives you flexible recording options, professional – and yet easy-to-use – editing tools, along with web and mobile sharing capabilities so that you can show incredible video screencasts to the world.

Now there are several other options out there that you can choose from when it comes to screen-capturing apps (I even did a comparison  [Read More…]