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How to Hide Firefox Top Sites, Recommended, Highlights, Snippets, & Other Launch Clutter

Firefox now defaults to showing the user a very busy launch page. Longtime Firefox users are likely already aware of this, but if you haven’t used the Firefox browser in a while, you may be surprised to launch Firefox to discover just how cluttered and busy the web browser has become at initial launch with … Read More

Scrivener 2 cuts the clutter to keep your writing front and center [Deals]

If you write on a computer, you know how much of a mess it can be to keep on top of your notes, drafts, research, edits, etc. Luckily there’s Scrivener 2, an app that’s all about keeping the many parts of your writing process in one place. It’s won awards for its ability to streamline […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Low-profile car charger delivers all the power, none of the clutter

My truck’s getting up in years and lacks many of the conveniences of a late-model vehicle. Forget about an in-dash touchscreen monitor — it doesn’t even have a USB port. That means I’m stuck using a cigarette lighter adapter to charge my iPhone (which serves as my GPS on many trips). I’ve tried and enjoyed […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Control Your Cable Clutter With The CableHub 2 Pack [Deals]

Your desk needs to be clean and organized so you function as efficiently as possible, right? Don’t you get tired of wasting time untangling, tripping and spilling due to that pesky abundance of cords. CableHub isn’t just any other cable…Read more ›

New Jailbreak Tweak Is A Lock Screen Launcher Without The Clutter [Video]

Referred to as “Swipey”, a new jailbreak tweak allows iOS 7 users to access six different apps via a left swipe from their iDevice lock screen — giving you all the features associated with a lock screen launcher, minus the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Remove Alarm Clock Clutter on the iPhone with Siri

Many alarm clocks on the iPhone Many of us have an iPhone sit on our nightstand to use as a primary alarm clock. But over time, with schedule changes, early flights to catch, sound changes or new music selections, sleeping in on some days, waking up early on others, the iPhone alarm clock can get extremely cluttered with way too many alarms for just about every conceivable time. Furthermore, as you migrate  [Read More…]

Prevent Zip Clutter by Moving Archives Automatically After Unzipping in Mac OS X

Anyone who downloads files from around the web, ftp, torrents, and elsewhere will eventually wind up with a lot of archive clutter sitting around on their Mac in the form of tons of zip, rar, sit, and other compressed file formats. This is because the default behavior is set for archives to maintain their existence even after their contents are extracted, a reasonable but conservative setting that can cause users to forget about the original archive file(s).

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Reduce Dock Clutter in OS X by Minimizing Windows Into Their App Icons

If you minimize a lot of app windows while using a Mac you’ve probably noticed that the right side of the Dock in OS X quickly becomes cluttered with tons and tons of those minimized window thumbnails, and as they build up the size of the visible Dock slowly starts to shrink and adjust the size to accommodate them. Other than being cluttered, the reduced size becomes so small the thumbnails are largely useless anyway. Here are the minimized window  [Read More…]

Fingers, A ‘Handy’ Way To Cut Cable Clutter

Fingers is a concept design, but it’s so simple and clever, and so easy to make for yourself with just a piece of stiff card and a pair of scissors, that it seems worth taking a look. It’s yet another desk-tidying cable manager, but you’re going to love it, I promise.

The idea behind Fingers is that it has, well, fingers. Plastic fingers which let your cables move easily between their non-existent  [Read More…]

Manage Web Browser Tab Clutter & Save RAM with OneTab for Google Chrome

Too many web browser tabs

I admit it, I have a tab problem. As a web worker, it’s not uncommon for me to have over 100 browser tabs open throughout the work day, and at that point Google Chrome eats up about 6.5GB of RAM and starts swapping heavily, slowing down OS X. Chrome is no doubt better at handling this many open tabs than Safari or Firefox, but it’s still  [Read More…]