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Soccer coach equips players with iPads to overcome language barrier

With his ability to fire people up and get them motivated, Steve Jobs has been likened to a great football coach. And now to bring things full circle, a real football coach (or “soccer” to you American readers!) is using Jobs’ creation, the iPad, to help coach his players. The coach in question is Gary Neville, […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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A baseball coach changed the game with a little police work to solve fastball mystery

Michigan State University baseball coach Danny Litwhiler was reading the campus newspaper one day in 1974 when he decided to call the cops on some of his pitchers. An article and photo of campus police showing off the department’s new radar gun to catch speeders caught Litwhiler’s eye and he wanted police to swing by […][Read More…]

Jabra’s new earbuds put a cross-fit coach in your ear

Now that I’ve got an Apple Watch I’ll never go back to boring wired headphones, and now that Jabra’s new wireless earbuds have built-in coaching, I’ll probably never have to hire a personal trainer either. Jabra launched its newest set…Read more ›

Best deals of the week: Save 40% on the MOOV wearable fitness coach [Deals]

Like a shiny new penny, Cult of Mac Deals gleams with new products that are sure to streamline your life, up your game, and offer new opportunities. Get in in this action now before you miss out. Check out Cult…Read more ›

Pear Sports’ new monitor is the workout coach you always wanted

I’ve been a runner for a long time. I trained for (and ran) the 1994 Los Angeles Marathon. I’ve run 5K races, half marathons and relays for full marathons up here in Alaska, too. I find that running gives me…Read more ›

Nike+ Running Gets New Coach Feature To Help You Train For Your Next Race

New Years resolutions are just around the corner and if running if your go-to method for shedding the holiday pounds, Nike+ just added a coaching feature to its running app that promises to whip you into shape. The free app…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Ashton Kutcher: Steve Jobs Was Kind Of Like A Great Football Coach [Video]

ashtononcolbert  Getting into the psyche of any major historical figure is a difficult task, especially when you’ve never even met them, so to sympathize with Steve Jobs’ dick-ish behavior for his role in JOBS, Ashton Kutchers says he thought of Steve as kind of like a great football coach. During an appearance on The Colbert […]

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These New iHome Earphones Come With a Fitness Coach

Presumably for those without an iPhone and its wealth of app-based fitness options, iHome has partnered with New Balance to offer a set of earphones packed with workout features, including a pedometer and a heart-rate monitor. The NB639 earphones are $ 99 and also comes with a voiceover thatll announce calories burned, heart rate and distance. The unit syncs with bundled software that can analyze data recorded during your workout;  [Read More…]