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Crystal Baller: iPad Air gets anti-reflection coating and iPhone 6 rumors galore

Production begins on new iPad Air with anti-reflection coating, but is that it?

The successor to the iPad Air will feature a new anti-reflection coating designed to make reading easier, according to a report today from Bloomberg. Apple has reportedly begun the production process for the next-gen 9.7-inch iPad and smaller iPad mini. As…Read more ›

It’s Safe To Swim With Your iPod Thanks To Underwater Audio’s Magic Coating [Review]

How many times have you had to replace an iPod because you dropped it in water? Almost all of us have suffered the agony of liquid damaged devices at least once — but this is something you never have to…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Supply Of The iPhone’s Touch Sensitive Coating Is Running Out

Avocado for iPhoneWhen the iPhone was unveiled back in 2007, its touch screen was a revelation to the industry. You don’t need a stylus; you just touch it with your finger and it responds almost instantaneously. While the iPhone’s touch display may feel a bit magical, the glass is coated in a thin, transparent material called indium […]

The post Supply Of The iPhone’s Touch Sensitive Coating Is Running Out appeared  [Read More…]

iPhone 5 & Galaxy S III To Ship With Waterproof Coating From Liquipel [Rumor]

Remember that impressive Liquipel waterproof coating for smartphones and mobile devices that was being shown off at CES? Well, according to a previously reliable source, itll soon be a feature present on Apples long-awaited iPhone 5, and Samsungs upcoming Galaxy S III. The source, for Todays iPhone, is said to be well-placed within one of the U.K.s top independent phone retailers, and reportedly provided the correct release dates for the iPhone  [Read More…]

Liquipel Coating Will Make Your iPhone Waterproof Without A Case

No one enjoys slapping a case on their iPhone. They add weight, extra bulk, and almost always ruin the beautiful look of your device. If you want to protect it, however, theres no other way. Or is there? A company called Liquipel claims to make your iPhone waterproof without a case. It uses a special water resistant nano coating which repels water, allowing you to actually submerge you device into  [Read More…]

German Scientists Create a Smudge Proof Coating, Touch-Based User Interfaces Rejoice

Example of solvent bouncing off of surface coated with the new “superamphiphobic” coating Fingerprints, smudges and smears could be a thing of the past for eyeglass wearers and gadget owners thanks to German researchers and a little soot. The smudge repellent in question is a special coating that repels both water and oil-based fluids. Water based repellents are rather common, but oil-based repellents are traditionally more difficult to produce because of oils lower surface tension.  [Read More…]

Apple Tinkering with Scratch Resistant Metal Device Coating

Click the image to open in full size. With scratches and dings more than just commonplace in iDevice ownership, Apple may be tinkering with new technologies that will reduce the unsightly blemishes that adorn our ubiquitous mobile gadgets. According to information made public this week, The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded ownership of a "scratch resistant metal device coating" to Apple. U.S. Patent No. 7896981 is described as "Nitriding stainless steel for  [Read More…]