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Easily Generate CSS Background Gradient Code in Mac OS X

Instant CSS Gradients in Mac OS X

Web designers and developers are well aware that creating CSS gradients is somewhat of a painful process. Sure there are a variety of web-based generator tools that make it easier, but you�ll often be left to scout around for different versions to get different CSS & CSS3 code pieces which then require manual tweaks in order to achieve a uniform  [Read More…]

Leaked Packaging Bar Code Seemingly Confirms Next iPhone Is The iPhone 4S

We�re just putting this out there: a tipster just sent us a picture of what he claims is the packaging label barcode for the iPhone 4S, coming in white with 16GB of storage. According to the label, the part number will be MD239F/A. All other information that could be used to identify the device has been obscured.

Is it real? We don�t know. It would certainly be trivial to Photoshop. That  [Read More…]

Its Easier To Get Access To The President Than Code For An Unannounced Apple Prototype

When they aren�t just accidentally losing their prototypes in bars, the security around Apple�s prototypes can be quite impressive. Just listen to what some early-access devs had to go through to check out the original iPad before it was released. The only thing they didn�t have to acquiesce to is wearing explosive collars around their necks.


Business Insider has a look at what some devs had to go through in  [Read More…]

Goodbye, Facebook for iPad: iPhone Update Removes iPad Code

Facebook issued an update to its iPhone application last night, and while it introduces a number of nice new features, it also removes all code related to the iPad version � meaning you can no longer install the official Facebook app for iPad before its release.

Prior to the release of version 3.5, the Facebook app for iPhone included some hidden code for the app�s iPad counterpart. Once this was discovered, hackers  [Read More…]

Behind The Code: Aaron Ash “@aaronash”

It’s been a while since ModMyi has had a�Behind The Code�article; it’s about time we revive the series. As mentioned in previous articles, due to schedules, work, and lives of the respective individuals (and myself), it makes it difficult to constantly update�Behind The Code. However, it is�by no means over�and will continue to grow as time goes on. Without further to do, let’s refresh the track by adding in another prominent coder from the jailbreak community:  [Read More…]

Behind The Code: Stefan Esser – i0n1c

In light of summer and all the chaos it brings, ModMyi has the pleasure of featuring another exclusive article for�Behind The Code. Many great developers have been featured so far and the trend continues. For articles on those who have been featured already, click below:

Dan Zimmerman (@DanZimm) Grant Paul (@chpwn Christian Heusinger (@iRealSMS) Elias Limneos (@limneos) Luke (@qwertyoruiop)

One key component to note is that developers / hackers are generally extremely busy. They have much  [Read More…]

It has been quite sometime since the first�Behind The Code installment was published. Despite this gap, the continued pursuit for “behind the code” exclusives has not stopped. The developers and other players in the jailbreak community who I have spoken to have been extremely gracious and open to such events. But with conflicting schedules, work, other developments, etc., it has made it difficult to consistently keep in touch and roll out updates of this nature. Nonetheless,  [Read More…]

Behind The Code: Luke (@qwertyoruiop)

Click the image to open in full size.

As I mentioned in my introduction post, I’m looking to bring a unique form of news and format that adds a more personable touch. The reason why we are all here is because we love iDevice products, news, and discussions. But what makes a venture like this more exciting is to bring in developers, product designers, and others from this field to talk a little about themselves  [Read More…]