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Shockingly advanced travel mug will protect you from lukewarm coffee

Travel mug by Zojirushi There’s unquestionable power in an object that does one thing and does it well. Consider the lowly travel mug — it’s a common commodity among the world’s coffee-swilling commuters, and yet the standard design lets us down repeatedly. How does it fail us? It doesn’t keep our coffee hot for long. […]

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Apple surprises ‘iPhone 6’ photographers with coffee table books

The billboards and ads featuring beautiful photographs shot with an iPhone 6 are nearly gone. Apple is now promoting a new iPhone. But that does not mean Apple has forgotten the photographers whose work helped sell phones and treat the world to art in public spaces. Photographers from the “Shot on iPhone 6” campaign have […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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With each sip of coffee this cup lid gives you some sugar

Jang Woo-Seok loves coffee and kisses. But it’s only coffee he gets on a daily basis – that is until he designed a cup lid that provides both. The designer from South Korea has taken the common coffee cup lid and gave it puckering lips for B2B, a chain of coffee shops in his home […][Read More…]

What it’s like to get a cup of coffee with CarPlay and Android

CarPlay and Android Auto are Apple and Google’s first attempts to slowly invade the automobile, but finding a car that supports them hasn’t been easy the past year. If you’ve been curious what it’s like to drive around with either…Read more ›

App Watch Aug 12 2014 — Lists, learning, coffee and spaaaaace

Starbucks will let you order coffee from your iPhone later this year

If you’ve been known to slurp down a cup of joe at your local Starbucks, great news. Ordering a coffee at the worldwide coffee change is about to get a lot easier. In fact, you should soon be able to…Read more ›

Coffee app lets caffeine junkies make sense of their habit

Apple relies heavily on caffeine. A recent company job listing advertised a role for an iCup technician, with the important task of providing “a fresh brew coffee to all Apple employees within their department.” Jony Ive’s design team is especially…Read more ›

This 80-year-old coffee pot still makes an amazing cup of espresso

Before the AeroPress, there was the moka pot, or cafetera as it’s called in Spain. There is at least one cafetera in every Spanish kitchen, and if you want a quick fix of something strong and good, it’s your go-to…Read more ›

AeroPress makes a killer cup of coffee, even on the road

John Gruber’s three keys to Internet success are: A fussy way to make coffee A clicky keyboard A SodaStream I’m no longer 12 years old, so I’ll skip No. 3, but I’m so deep into Nos. 1 and 2 that…Read more ›

Spotify For Beverages: Cups App Offers Unlimited Coffee In NYC

Cups is an amazing proposition, and it’s going to be fascinating to see if it works. The app/service gives you unlimited coffee in NYC, from $ 45 per month. Yup, subscription coffee, just like Netflix or Spotify. Download the app and…Read more ›