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Will.i.am Recruited Steve Jobs’ Wife To Help Him Get Kids From His Neighborhood Into College [Macworld 2013]


Will.i.am thinks he can predict the future of tech

macworldbug SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD/iWORLD 2013 – Will.i.am showed up at Macworld today, and yep, he was wearing his stupidly expensive iPhone camera case that you will never want to own.

During his Futurehunting keynote, Will.i.am sat down with Intel’s futurist, Brian Johnson, to talk about where they think the next big changes in tech are going to  [Read More…]

College Girls Are Going To Love The New iPhone 5C’s Pre-Shattered Screen [Humor]

How many college-aged girls do you know running around with broken iPhone screens? 15? 20? All of them? It takes the average college girl like 2.37 days to shatter her new iPhone screen, or at least that’s the stereotype I choose to believe.

To make things easier for college girls, Apple is launching the iPhone 5C. It comes with a pre-shattered screen so all your friends think you live a wild and crazy  [Read More…]

Why You Should Buy An iPad Instead Of A MacBook For College [Back To School]

Which is better for college, An iPad or MacBook Air?

You’re going to college. That means huge lists of all the crap you need to start school of right. Not just books, furniture, clothing, mini-beer refrigerators, and all that junk, but also backpacks and probably some tech gear to get you through the semester.

For most people, the MacBook Air is the best laptop on the market. But if you’re going to  [Read More…]

Intoxicase: Beer Connoisseurs and Spoiled College Kids Rejoice

Successful products usually solve a real and obvious consumer problem/need, which means the Intoxicase should be sweeping across the countrys college campuses any day now. Thebottle-opening case has been done before, but not like this. The Intoxicase comes in two flavors, the orgininal and the Intoxicase+. The original Intoxicase has rather pocket-unfriendly looking bottle opener wleded onto the back of the iPhone 4/4S case. Apparently hundreds of design and experiment hours went into the patent  [Read More…]

College Students Can Easily Compare Textbook Prices With Amazons New App

Amazon has released a new iPhone app for college-bound students that offers online price comparisons for textbooks. As the school year beings, finding a good deal on class textbooks can be tricky. The new Amazon Student app lets users scan the barcode of a textbook and determine its trade-in value. Users can also buy new and used textbooks from Amazon.com and have them shipped from within the app. College Students, keep  [Read More…]

Would you send a kid to college with an just an iPad?

The University of Notre Dame’s iPad-friendly classroom.

Its back-to-school time. And with so many universities handing iPads to students, parents may wonder how many devices they truly need.   While the iPad may be great for textbooks especially with apps like Kno offering 70,000 titles at a discount but can it be a students main device? Ken Colburn, of datadoctors.com tries to answer the question from a parents  [Read More…]

Apple highlights the sheeting, iPads and iPhones to the College

Rogge apples to the best features of Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for students in three new Web pages to apples. Com. Three pages, he found the gate of the student on the Web site apple all first Muslim woman, “which Mac for college” or “the iPad of the College” and goes on to include some of the features that will appeal to students, such as compatibility Mac windows and office, or watching the iTunes U videos on the  [Read More…]

DryerBro: Cause College Is Hard Enough

Laundry is the bane of every college student’s existence. DryerBro aims to make living in a house with four barely breathing roommates a little more bearable. The app is simple, and effective. Users simply set the iPhone on top of the dryer, select the “bros” to call or text when the dryers done, and start the app. DryerBro utilizes the iPhone’s accelerometer to detect the dryer’s movement, and when it stops moving the app calls  [Read More…]