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Yeelight is smart, colorful and perfect for reading [Reviews]

Lust List: Yeelight by ipegtop Most smartbulbs I’ve tried only let me use my iPhone to change the color of the bulb and to turn it off and on. I’ve never found one bright enough to read by, either, making me wonder if it’s even possible with the current technology. The Yeelight is my answer: […]

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Colorful Apple TV billboard ads are pleasingly old school

If any more proof was needed that Apple TV is no longer being considered a “hobby,” check out the massive new billboard ad campaign that has been rolling out for the new fourth-generation Apple TV refresh. Cleverly playing on a color bars motif which references both the old school Apple logo (with colors fastidiously picked […]

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This cute, colorful cartoon was animated entirely in Keynote

I’ll be honest: I doubt I know how to use Keynote, Apple’s presentation software, even to put together a few simple slides. But Linda Dong is such a Keynote master, she can put together whole animated movies using the iWork app! It’s not a hugely sophisticated animation, true, but it’s bouncy, colorful, fun, and utterly […]

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Imagining Apple’s ad for the colorful iPhone 6c

We keep on waiting and waiting and waiting for the iPhone 6c, Apple’s low-end follow-up to the colorful, plastic-backed iPhone 5c. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s still a year away. But what will it look like when it actually does come out? Pretty damn lovely, if the concept video below is anything to go on. […]

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‘Leaked’ photo offers first glimpse of colorful iPhone 6c

Apple decided to killing the iPhone C lineup when it debuted the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but the colorful, plastic, iPhones could be making a comeback in 2015, based on an alleged leak out of Apple’s supply chain. A…Read more ›

A colorful theory about what Apple will announce on October 16th

In Apple’s invitation to the company’s October 16th Town Hall event at its Cupertino headquarters, the company’s tagline is: “It’s been way too long.” This has prompted a lot of speculation. It hasn’t been too long since Apple’s last event,…Read more ›

6 Colorful Spacey Aurora High Resolution Wallpapers

Ready to restyle your desktop backgrounds and device wallpapers with something new? How about using one of these fancy 6 spaced out aurora style wallpapers? Offered in high resolution in a variety of color themes, you can look at your background and pretend you’re in Iceland or Alaska staring up at the night sky, watching … Read More

Colorful cheap case comes with clip-on kickstand

At just $ 15, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Amzer Shellster fell apart after a couple of weeks, but what a couple of weeks that would be. The iPhone 5 case comes in pretty much any too-bright color you can…Read more ›

Curvy and Colorful: Let’s Hope the iPhone 6 Looks Like This

We’re still months away from the big reveal of the iPhone 5s, which means concept designers still have plenty of time to toss around fanciful dreams of what Apple might do for the redesign of the iPhone. Teaming up with…Read more ›    [Read More…]

UE Boom Mini – Tiny Speakers, Huge Sound, Colorful Look [Review]

Mini BoomUltimate Ears, owned by Logitech, makes my favorite portable speaker ever: the UE Boom. The cylindrical powerhouse of a speaker is rugged, stylish, and easy to use. Mini Boom by Ultimate Ears Category: Portable Bluetooth Speakers Works With: iOS, Mac, Any sound source Price: $99.99 per speaker Imagine my utter joy when I received Ultimate […]

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