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Senate wiretapping debate comes to an end

The U.S. Senate has taken one step closer to a final vote on changing the government’s controversial program to freely tap and monitor citizens’ phones. Senators voted 83-14 to end debate on the “Uniting and Strengthening America by Fulfilling Rights… Read more ›

With strong reviews and positive word of mouth behind both the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6, the battle between the two flagship devices is what the smartphone-watching world deserves. But there’s one more question that precisely nobody’s been… Read more ›

If you haven’t already pre-ordered your gorgeous gold MacBook, you’re going to be waiting 3-4 weeks for it to ship. Initial supplies have already been claimed since the device went on sale this morning, but the silver and space gray… Read more ›

This week: get’em while they’re hot! The Apple Watch is ready for pre-order, but the reviews are in, and they’re a mixed bag. Plus: what’s good in iOS 8.3 and OS X 10.10.3; Robert Baratheon makes HBO NOW a no-brainer;… Read more ›

Microsoft’s early attempts to the tablet crown from Apple hasn’t really gone according to plan. All the Surfaces from the original to the Pro 2 were flops, but Microsoft seems to have hit its stride with the Surface Pro 3.… Read more ›

To get a “thumbs-up” from art directors, photographer Justin Poulsen provided the thumb. In an act of creative expression that Van Gogh would appreciate, the Toronto-based Poulsen sent out his work on thumb drives that he made to look like… Read more ›

Apple Pay comes to gas pumps in 2015

Pumping your gas is about to get a touch quicker, now that Chevron says its planning to bring Apple Pay to its gas pumps next year. Chevron was the first and only gas station to officially support Apple Pay when it launched in… Read more ›

Besides a $ 75 million gym for employees, Apple’s massive new campus will have a number of nice perks, including a state-of-the-art theater for future product unveilings. The 1,000-seat venue will likely be where Apple holds the majority of its media… Read more ›

World’s first Mac Pro data center comes online

The Mac Pro is one of the most beautiful and powerful computers ever created, but it remains beyond the reach of many small developers due to a price tag that’s bigger than a car down payment. That could change this… Read more ›

Tim Cook squashed years of speculations and rumors this morning, only instead of doing it with an iPhone announcement, he made his first public declaration that’s he proud to be gay. Cook never denied his sexuality, but the letter marks… Read more ›