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Pop culture blows it when it comes to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is often portrayed as an egotistical tyrant in the books, movies, and documentaries that try to encapsulate the Apple CEO but according to someone who was both one of Jobs closest friends and a bitter rival, pop culture has totally blown it when it comes to portraying Steve. Former Apple CEO John Sculley […]

Acclaimed RPG Legend of Grimrock comes to iPhone

Around four years ago, developers Almost Human released The Legend of Grimrock, a throwback to the first-person dungeon crawlers from the 1980s (Dungeon Master, The Bard’s Tale and even the first Phantasy Star game for the Sega Master System) for Mac. They claimed it was was coming to iPad “by the end of the year.†[…]

It’s iPhone rumor season which means concept artists are busting out their best guesses as to what Jony Ive’s next smartphone design changes might entail. We’ve already seen some super thin iPhone redesigns, but concept designers Ivo Marić and Tomislav… Read more ›

Here comes the iOS 8.4 unjailbreak… wait, what?

Attention: jailbreakers. A new hack has just hit the Cydia App Store that allows you to “unjailbreak†your iPhone. And it’s surprisingly useful. Jailbreaking your iPhone has become a task of increasingly diminishing returns, given the constant improvement of iOS’s… Read more ›

As a Brit that can’t handle warm weather, the recent heatwave that swept across the U.K. almost killed me. I sat here with my skin sticking to my leather office chair, longing for cool air conditioning that would help me breathe… Read more ›

Gmail’s handy ‘Undo Send’ feature comes to Inbox

We’ve all sent emails to the wrong person accidentally. Sometimes it’s as harmless as inviting your grandma to drum and bass rave; other times it’s pictures to your boss that no one should see. But if you use Gmail, those… Read more ›

UK Apple Pay comes up short at the cash register

Merchants in the United Kingdom are preparing their shops and wares for the launch of Apple Pay this fall, but they have some extra work to do if they want to make the big sales. Apple Pay U.K. will come… Read more ›

Apple is ramping up security on iOS 9 and it’s going to take a little extra memorization on your part. Anyone with an iPhone or iPad that has Touch ID will be required to update to a new 6 digit… Read more ›

A new report published today by Adobe demonstrates that, when it comes to both pay TV and the devices people choose for consuming digital media, Apple trounces the competition. Having once dismissed its own Apple TV offering as just a “hobby,” the… Read more ›

Senate wiretapping debate comes to an end

The U.S. Senate has taken one step closer to a final vote on changing the government’s controversial program to freely tap and monitor citizens’ phones. Senators voted 83-14 to end debate on the “Uniting and Strengthening America by Fulfilling Rights… Read more ›