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Back before the popular starship sim roguelike FTL had come to the iPad, France’s Mi Clos Studio released a charming little game called Out There that scratched a lot of the same itches. Like a randomized choose-your-own-adventure novel with resource… Read more ›

Apple will have two new “rounder and thinner” iPhone models with larger screens to debut this year, according to a new Bloomberg report. Specifically, Bloomberg is reporting that a 4.7″ iPhone and a larger 5.5″ iPhone are both entering production soon, and both devices may be provided to retailers sometime in September. This is in … Read More

The iMac could get a refresh next week according to a new report, which suggests that Apple is planning to update its computer line with faster processors and lower prices. The report cites the same sources which correctly predicted the… Read more ›

Although we’re living through something of a golden age for original iOS games (think Monument Valley and Leo’s Fortune), it’s also a great time for iPhone gamers because we’re seeing ports of so many classic games making their way into… Read more ›

If you’ve been holding out for a Retina iMac, the wait may be almost over. First spotted in the latest Mountain Lion developer beta, code has now been uncovered in OS X Yosemite that references new resolutions for what would be… Read more ›

iPad is coming to Japan’s largest carrier NTT DOCOMO

Apple devices are already wiping the floor with the competition in Japan, but things look to be getting even better on the iOS front thanks to news that the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display are set to launch… Read more ›

The most addicting game to ever hit the App Store will make its triumphant return in August. Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen tells CNBC that he has a new version in the works.  Nguyen pulled the title from the App Store at… Read more ›

Is it wrong that — regardless of how many times I get burned on either Michael Bay Transformers movies, or video game movie adaptations — I’m still excited at the prospect of a new Transformers game? DeNA and Hasbro has… Read more ›

High-def audio coming to iOS 8 alongside new EarPods

As if the reported $ 3.2 billion Beats deal isn’t enough evidence, Apple seems to be quite big on this “music” thing. According to new reports, Apple will introduce high definition audio playback in iOS 8, alongside new versions of its… Read more ›

If you’re even slightly pop culture savvy, chances are that you’re a fan of The Walking Dead. If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to known that the latest episode of Telltale Games’ superb The Walking Dead adventure game series… Read more ›