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As expected, Apple today announced that it is finally ready to launch its “iOS in the Car” iPhone integration setup for car infotainment systems. Called CarPlay, Apple claims that it is “designed from the ground up to provide drivers with… Read more ›     

Ridiculous Fishing had a good 2013. The breakout game from the Dutch developers at Vlambeer was Apple’s best iOS game of the year. It also won a coveted Apple Design Award. We called it “stellar” and “addictive” in our roundup… Read more ›     

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk has revealed that he’s working on a new skateboarding game for mobile devices. Hawk made references to the game in two recent interviews: one with Larry King and the other with Bloomberg. In the King interview,… Read more ›     

If you buy an Apple TV by March 5th, you will receive a $ 25 iTunes gift card from Apple. The promotion began today and only works at Apple retail stores or through the company’s online store. Apple rarely does deals… Read more ›     

Remember GBA4iOS? It was a Gameboy Advance emulator for iOS that took advantage of an App Store enterprise deployment loophole to let you play GBA games on your iPhone or iPad, no jailbreak required. Unfortunately, Apple closed the loophole… until… Read more ›     

One of our favorite games, FTL, is getting a massive update, plus an iPad version. That’s pretty darn exciting. The update includes new advanced weaponry, new systems and subsystems, new drones and equipment, new music, and new story content. Best… Read more ›     

  We’ve gone on and on about the merits of Flowboard, a web-based platform that lets users easily create  media-rich stories or presentations and publish them onto its servers. Until now, the service has only been available as an iOS… Read more ›     

One of the most bizarre games of recent memory is The Binding Of Isaac. Inspired by both The Legend Of Zelda and the Old Testament, The Binding Of Isaac is rogue-like game that follows a deformed naked child as he… Read more ›     

LAS VEGAS, CES 2014 – It’s beaten out even Apple TV as the most-used streaming set-top box in the U.S., and now Roku is set to debut its own smart TV — called Roku TV. “That’s right, actual TVs, designed… Read more ›     

The creators of the incredibly popular smartwatch, Pebble, which came alive in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign last year, published a press release yesterday stating that it will be bringing “something special” to this year’s Consumer Electronics show, on… Read more ›